Sweden is renowned for innovation, a high level of education, and being one of the most connected countries in the world. “We are recognised for our expertise in technology and fast-growing services, spanning industries from gaming to finance to music,” says Jannie Jeppesen, CEO of the Swedish Edtech Industry. “I’m often asked about the key factors behind our competitiveness and innovation, “the secret sauce” if you will. The simple answer lies in the accessibility of high-quality education and learning for everyone, regardless of background.”

The Swedish educational system has been digitised for over forty years. Some 120 years ago, Sweden “invented” distance education through correspondence courses and two decades ago, Sweden was a global leader in distance education at universities.

“We were early adopters of digital education, with e-learning gaining traction even before the turn of the millennium. Today, Swedish multinational corporations have extensive experience in digital, distributed distance education,” says Jeppesen. “Thanks to this fertile ground, Swedish edtech companies have developed user-friendly services and products focusing on motivation for learning, efficiency, and equity. We excel in this area – it’s our insurance for the future.”

Jannie Jeppesen, CEO of the Swedish Edtech Industry. Photo: Swedish Edtech Industry

Jannie Jeppesen, CEO of the Swedish Edtech Industry. Photo: Swedish Edtech Industry


The Swedish Edtech Industry is a trade organization for edtech companies targeting the formal education system, from preschool to university, as well as those catering to businesses and consumers. It collaborates with stakeholders such as government agencies, academia, and the business sector to strengthen the conditions for innovation and competitiveness, promoting lifelong learning.

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