Living in Kenya might seem like a faraway possibility – an experience very different from Sweden’s cold climate and long winter nights. But in reality, many parents have the opportunity to work abroad, and thus experiencing this as a family has increasingly become an attractive option. The Swedish School in Nairobi not only makes the family adventure of a lifetime plausible it also makes it feel perfectly safe and easy.

The Swedish School in Nairobi is a perfect way to come and experience another country, culture, and lifestyle while your kids can continue to study in a Swedish school. We provide children a smooth transition into life in Kenya and the multi-million city Nairobi,” says headmaster Rosie Lundgren.

The Swedish School in Nairobi started as an association in 1968 and has thereafter developed into the school it is today – an establishment with more than 150 pupils. Here, children can study from preschool to upper secondary level, and they all become part of an inclusive and international community.

The Swedish School in Nairobi: Experience Kenya with your whole family

“Our teachers are Swedish, and we have pupils from different Nordic countries; many of whom are bilingual or have parents from different countries. However, the common denominator is the Swedish language, traditions, and culture. Since Kenya is an English-speaking country, English is an important part of our education, and our pupils will naturally learn English when they study here,” says Lundgren.

The international context provides the perfect foundation for further exploration of opportunities beyond the Swedish borders.

The Swedish School in Nairobi: Experience Kenya with your whole family

Lundgren says: “Our students develop an open mind and a great interest in the world. Many of the school’s alumni have proceeded into further studies and work abroad.”

The Swedish School in Nairobi also hosts Swedish exchange students who are interested in spending one or a couple of school years in Nairobi. This exchange program allows students from the upper secondary level to continue their studies according to the Swedish curriculum while living at the boarding school.

The Swedish School in Nairobi: Experience Kenya with your whole family

“One year at the school gives the students great knowledge about the country and experiences you cannot imagine. Students are likely to refer to the time here as the best time of their life, and the school as a place where they meet lifetime friends, ensures Lundgren.

For those who are curious to know more, the school hosts regular information meetings in Sweden. The meetings are often visited by past students.

“Previous students like to come by to say hi and ask about how we are doing. Our alumni become almost our ambassadors,” finishes Lundgren.

The Swedish School in Nairobi: Experience Kenya with your whole family

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