Earlier this year, a survey by U.S. News & World Report showed that, globally. Sweden is viewed as the country with the most developed public education system. Perhaps not surprising, when considering that – despite minor variations in surveys – the Nordic county consistently earns top rankings in global assessments.

With free and compulsory primary and secondary school education, Sweden is renowned for its robust and effective education systems. But it does not stop there. Did you know, for instance, that Sweden boasts one of the highest proportions of adults with post-graduate qualifications in the OECD region? Additionally, Swedish schools maintain an impressive teacher-pupil ratio and allocate a substantial annual expenditure per student. Actually, it is one of the highest among OECD nations as a percentage of GDP. Clearly, Sweden has earned its reputation as a leader in the education sector, and the best thing (for Swedes abroad) is that the excellence does not stop at the Swedish border.

For this mini special, Scan Magazine spoke to some of the passionate people behind Swedish boarding schools and schools abroad – those who bring the Swedish curriculum to expat communities everywhere from Paris to Nairobi. Beyond the well-regarded boarding schools within Sweden, there are 18 schools spanning 11 countries that adhere to the Swedish curriculum. Emphasising quality education and Swedish pedagogy while fostering a true sense of community for parents and children alike, these institutions make the transition to a year – or a life – abroad safe, indeed almost easy.

Explore more about the Swedish school system at www.skolverket.se.

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