Tammi Jewellery combines masterful artisan skills, careful finishing, and recycled fine silver and gold. The biggest source of inspiration comes from Finland’s nature, and the country’s iconic scenery and associated symbolism are strongly present in the collections.

The story of Tammi Jewellery began in 1954, when goldsmith Alpo Tammi started his business. From the beginning, Tammi Jewellery from Turku, on the southwestern coast of Finland, has represented sustainable beauty and Nordic design.

The city has a longstanding history of goldsmithing, and Miia Saarikko, owner of Tammi Jewellery, followed in Alpo Tammi’s footsteps when she took over the company in 2014. “I’m a creative and visual person, and honoured to work as an advocate for high-quality jewellery design,” she says.

Symbolism and nature as inspiration

Tammi Jewellery’s Archipelago collection consists of abstract jewellery inspired by the Turku archipelago and its nature. The collection’s distinctive and refined design language with its stunning contrasts and surfaces is a hallmark of Archipelago – and what Tammi Jewellery is best known for. The designs draw inspiration from and incorporate symbolism of the surrounding water, light, rocks and forests, which Finland is famous for.

“We’re a bit of a hidden gem, a small Finnish company producing good quality jewellery with a lot of heart,” says Saarikko. What makes Tammi Jewellery special is the delicate shaping and polishing of the pieces, which is all done by hand. “The details on the jewellery are intricate, thanks to the hand-crafted pieces. The common denominator with our jewellery are the timeless designs,” she states.

Some of Tammi Jewellery’s best-selling collections are the ones bearing a symbolic meaning, and they make for perfect gifts for all kinds of special occasions. “Our collection Together, for example, is inspired by orchid leaves. The collection Bouquet, on the other hand, is designed for wine-lovers as it’s in the shape of a droplet of wine,” the owner explains.

Saarikko is getting married soon, and she has plans to create a lab-grown diamond wedding ring for herself. “An oak tree is a beautiful symbol for a long marriage,” she hints with a smile. “Our name comes from the Finnish word, tammi, which means oak tree. It’s a fitting name and symbol for a brand that is living in the present, but has strong roots creating things that stand the test of time,” she continues.

Tammi Jewellery: Shaped by hand, created with love

The details on the hand-crafted pieces are intricate.

Handcrafted designs that stand the test of time

The jewellery is handcrafted in Finland by carefully selected and skilled goldsmiths, using the finest materials. “What makes the jewellery special is our hand-shaping and hand-polishing, which is how we are able to create the intricate contrasts and lively surfaces. The contrast between smooth and ridged surfaces work beautifully in harmony in our designs.”

The design work always starts with the wax moulds, which are used to create the shape of the jewellery. Then, the jewellery gets moulded into shape. “The design often has a certain symbolism or some other beautiful idea behind it. Nature itself is one of the biggest inspirations. It’s where the Nordic sleek, clean-lined design language is also always present,” the manager says.

Tammi Jewellery strives to create pieces of art with a distinctive look – and that will stand the test of time. “A timeless design language is important for us. We want to create sustainable beauty for years to come,” adds Saarikko. For now, Tammi Jewellery’s pieces are sold in goldsmith shops in Finland as well as online. “Soon, we’ll be launching our online shop for international customers, and we are excited to introduce our collections to people around the world.”

Tammi Jewellery is always produced from recycled fine metals, therefore being able to continue its life cycle. The good quality metal also means that individual pieces are durable – and alongside the classic, timeless designs, these are pieces of art that can be passed down through generations, and worn time and time again.

Tammi Jewellery: Shaped by hand, created with love

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