Whether stepping into a crammed market stall in Nepal or a supermarket in London, the shelves are likely stacked with Tetra Pak’s cartons. The Swedish food packaging and processing giant supplies 200 billion cartons every year – even to the remotest parts of the world – while investing heavily in developing the most sustainable packaging and food for the future.

“We are committed to making food safe and available everywhere. It’s not only our guiding star and inspiration, it’s our DNA,” says Marie Sandin, managing director for Tetra Pak in Sweden.

Tetra Pak pioneered the aseptic technology back in the 1950s, extending the longevity of food products, enabling wider distribution, and allowing products to be stored ambiently, without refrigeration or preservatives. It was a game-changer in the way food is produced and consumed around the world, and the company continues to innovate, developing new technologies and products to meet the challenges we face today.

Tetra Pak – revolutionizing the world’s access to food

Marie Sandin. Photo: Jan Nordén

Alternative food to meet new needs

By 2050, the global population will reach 10 billion, which means food production needs to increase by 70 per cent, while reducing today’s high level of food waste. Tetra Pak is committed to developing new food alternatives, along with sustainable packaging solutions, says Marie Sandin.

“We already have a critical role in the global food system, but we want to help transform it. That’s why we’re also working with alternative proteins – from plant-based beverages, fermentation, fungal fibres and microalgae to insects and laboratory-grown alternatives to meat, milk and egg whites. Delivering on our vision is more important than ever before.”

In parallel, Tetra Pak’s experts are working hard with partners to create the world´s most sustainable packaging material. Today’s paper-based carton packages are already recyclable, where adequate collection and recycling infrastructures are in place. In places where collection infrastructure is still being built up, Tetra Pak co-invests with recyclers in new facilities to increase capacity.

Tetra Pak – revolutionizing the world’s access to food

Making a difference through innovation

Marie Sandin says she is proud of representing a company committed to innovation, sustainability and customer focus. “Just think about it: sitting at the breakfast table with your family, you’re surrounded by beverage cartons that, in some shape or form, have been around for over 70 years. However, what’s inside is really changing. Young people, like my daughters, have a strong say in what’s being served at home. Today, plant-based food is growing in popularity,” says Marie Sandin.

Not many know that the world’s largest industrial product development centre is Tetra Pak’s, in the city of Lund in south Sweden. Customers from all over the world are travelling to the site to meet and work with Tetra Pak’s specialists.

“Last year, we developed 600 new products here together with our customers and other partners. We invest heavily in development, especially in sustainable packaging and food for the future. And we’re ramping up: we are investing €100 million per year globally over the next five to ten years to develop more sustainable solutions”, says Marie Sandin.

The chance to grow and develop

Marie Sandin’s career with Tetra Pak spans three decades. So, what made her stay with the same company for so long? “The key has been the opportunity to grow, both professionally and as a human being: Tetra Pak has offered me every opportunity to learn and develop, and every day I get to work with incredible people! I believe in inclusion and diversity, getting different perspectives, building on each other´s strengths and daring to challenge each other. It’s all about staying connected, within and outside of Tetra Pak, to stay relevant for the future.” says Marie Sandin.

Leadership independent of nationality

Tetra Pak is a global company, with local offices, plants and co-workers all over the world. Marie Sandin may be Swedish, but her leadership is independent of nationality and more about her personal beliefs, she says.

“I believe in fostering the right amount of challenge for everyone to grow. A leader’s role is to inspire to strive for success, also in difficult times. When we inspire creativity and productivity, our co-workers will inspire others. I also believe in acting early on challenges and opportunities, taking bold decisions when needed. Have an open mindset, stay curious, and treat others as you wish to be treated.”

Tetra Pak – revolutionizing the world’s access to food

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World-leading in ice cream! Did you know that Tetra Pak facilitates 50 per cent of the world’s ice cream production? From product development to factory design, the company supports all aspects of commercial ice cream production. In fact, Tetra Pak builds entire turnkey ice cream plants for their customers.

Tetra Pak was founded in Lund in 1951 when Dr. Ruben Rausing and engineer Erik Wallenberg invented a revolutionary packaging system based on cardboard.

Tetra Pak operates in over 160 countries with approximately 25,000 employees worldwide.

In 2014, Tetra Pak launched the industry’s first beverage carton made entirely from plant-based, renewable packaging materials.

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