A disruptor in a stigmatised industry, The Handy emphasises male self-care and the idea that pleasure is a basic need for all – including those with physical and cognitive limitations. Far more than your ordinary sex toy, The Handy marries complex technology with sleek, ergonomic design, and invites users to a community where nothing is taboo, but everything is possible.

With three founders to its name, The Handy was created as a grown-up and subtle alternative to existing products on the market.

The idea was to revolutionise the experience of self-pleasure and provide a new level of satisfaction, but also to bridge the gap between the female and male sex toy industries – with the former being miles ahead of the latter in terms of technology, acceptance and sensation.

“Back then, you could call us the three naïve idiots,” says Jens Petter Wilhelmsen, CEO and co-founder. “Our experience of the industry was none and our professional backgrounds differed, but we all agreed that it was time to stir things up. We just needed to get it right, and after lots of research and testing, we did.”

The Handy: Pleasure and tech, hand in hand

An intelligent device

Now at the forefront of global ‘sextech’, the true magic of The Handy lies within, offering several distinct advantages. This includes state-of-the-art engineering and Norwegian design, ensuring a superior user experience.

The Handy‘s precise motion control mechanisms, paired with its TrueGrip band (which is suitable for any size and shape) enable an exceptionally realistic and customisable experience. Add to this any choice of the brand’s textured sleeves (including everything from smooth and gentle to ribbed and intense), and you can see how easy personalisation is.

The Handy also stands out in terms of connectivity and versatility. It’s equipped with an open API tool which allows it to seamlessly integrate and synchronise perfectly with a wide range of your favourite media, like movies, music, interactive adult games and even VR. All to deliver a truly immersive experience.

“We also understand the importance of privacy and discretion,” tells Wilhelmsen. “We designed The Handy with a sleek, discreet appearance, and our team is committed to maintaining the utmost privacy for our users throughout their interactions with our product,” he adds.

The Handy: Pleasure and tech, hand in hand

Seamless and customisable

The Handy app, Handyverse, is a key component which lets users to customise their experience with The Handy device (this can also be done via the HandyFeeling website). Users can adjust various settings such as speed and stroke length, tailoring the device to their desired intensity and rhythm.

They can also choose from existing settings or pick a random stroker option. This level of personalisation ensures that each user can create a unique and satisfying experience that suits their preferences.

The Handy: Pleasure and tech, hand in hand

Pleasure in a digital age

As humans, we generally crave the emotions and feelings that intimacy provides, both on a physical and mental level. In today’s digital age, there’s a big buzz around ‘haptic technology’, which in layman’s terms can be explained as digital technology that mimicks the human feel.

“The digitalisation of the world allows for more people to access intimacy. But it’s not just the ability to please from afar, it’s about people being able to take charge of their own sexual wellbeing,” explains Wilhelmsen.

A good example of this is the usability of The Handy for people with disability. Take Nils Arne Morka, for instance, an ex-professional boxer in his late thirties diagnosed with ALS a few years ago. Along with reduced ability to control his muscle movements, Nils Arne was also losing his sexual independence. But thanks to The Handy and a willing carer who can control the device without being in Nils Arne’s personal space, he can now regain a little of what’s been lost.

“Nils Arne is a perfect example of how our product is about more than just sexual pleasure. He argues that his quality of life has improved since he first started using The Handy, and if that’s not a great review, I don’t know what is,” says Wilhelmsen.

A sense of community

Via Handyverse, you have access to a community showcase where users share ideas, like applications or 3D prints they’ve created for The Handy. Additionally, the Handy community on Reddit and Discord serves as a safe space for users and non-users alike to share their ideas and experiences.

“We actively listen to customer feedback from our online community and often invest in ongoing research and development, constantly refining our technology and exploring new ways to enhance the user experience. This dedication allows us to stay at the forefront of the industry and provide our customers with innovative features and functionality,” says Wilhelmsen.

Asked if The Handy matches the expectations set out when first starting the brand, Wilhelmsen answers “No, but in the best way possible.”

The Handy: Pleasure and tech, hand in hand

Web: www.thehandy.com
Instagram: @thehandy_official
Discord: discord.gg/handy

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