If you long for rejuvenation, profound healing and balance, then a retreat at Thorséng Nature Resort is exactly what you need. Allow your worries to melt away in the warm water, experience serene bliss when inhaling essential oils in the sauna, and find a sense of inner peace in the stunning natural beauty surrounding Thorséng. Welcome home to Thorséng Nature Resort.

“If I died now, I would be happy.”

These are the words of a guest at Thorséng Nature Resort – and, dramatic as it sounds, they capture exactly how a couple of days at Thorséng Nature Resort will make you feel. Tucked away on the small Danish island of Tåsinge in the South Funen archipelago, Thorséng’s location could not be more tranquil. Here, you will find forests, pristine beaches, meadows overlooking the strait, and holly plantations.

“When shit hits the fan, you cannot go anywhere but into nature. We do not need more parties, alcohol and work. We need more nature, grounding and calm. Our health is one of the most important things we have, and we cannot afford to neglect it and keep living life in the fast lane,” says Rasmus Brems-Hulgaard, founder and owner of Thorséng Nature Resort.

Whether you come to Thorséng Nature Resort for a private or business retreat, you will undoubtedly find pure bliss, serenity and inner peace washing over you. Here, you can immerse yourself in calming, healing and grounding practices, such as float therapy, saunagus with essential oils, morning swims in the ocean and more. A retreat at Thorséng Nature Resort is like balm for your soul.

Thorséng Nature Resort: “If I died now, I would be happy”

Restore balance in mind and body

Today, more people than ever are stressed and burned out. We’re working long hours, our schedules are overbooked and when we finally have a moment to relax, we collapse onto the couch with Netflix and pizza. What we really need is to slow down, breathe, reconnect with nature and eat nourishing, wholesome foods.

When we are living in a state of stress, we are activating our sympathetic nervous system, also known as our fight and flight response. There is nothing wrong with this for short periods, but it’s essential that we return to our parasympathetic nervous system – or ‘rest and digest’ state – in which we feel calm and grounded. This is exactly what happens at Thorséng Nature Resort.

“Float therapy in the warm water promotes calm. Furthermore, studies have shown that we recover three to four times faster when using float therapy. Float therapy is one of the most relaxing and calming practices. Almost everyone is able to just let go and find this profound sense of inner peace while they float in the warm water for an hour,” says Rasmus.

Combine float therapy with other calming therapies, such as saunagus with essential oils and breathwork, and you have the perfect recipe for activating the parasympathetic nervous system. Simply allow the calm to wash over you and surrender to the experience of just being – without having to perform, or tackle an endless to-do list.

“For us it is all about holistic balance. That is why we combine all the practices and therapies and why we encourage people to spend an abundance of time in nature while here. This might scare some people, but it is what we need. Our minds and bodies are screaming for balance. It all comes down to balance,” says Rasmus.

Thorséng Nature Resort: “If I died now, I would be happy”

Nourish your body with nutritious food

Another important aspect of holistic balance is the food we eat. When you chug down multiple coffees and eat overly-processed foods, you create imbalance in the body. Therefore, the food at Thorséng Nature Resort is clean food: 100 per cent plant based, organic, gluten-free and sugar-free cuisine.

“We serve highly nutritious food. Some people, especially men, think that they cannot possibly feel full and sustain their energy on a plant based diet. However, what they experience here is that not only can they survive on a plant based diet, they can thrive,” says Rasmus.

The food, prepared by an experienced chef, trained in numerous Michelin-star restaurants, is highly-nutritious and flavourful – leaving both taste buds and body happy.

“Essentially, my goal with Thorséng Nature Resort is to help people shine to their highest potential. When we shine to our highest potential it affects everything and everyone around us in a positive way,” concludes Rasmus, with a smile.

Thorséng Nature Resort: “If I died now, I would be happy”

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