Organising might seem boring – like a time-consuming necessity. But the truth is that life is a lot easier when everything has its place. This idea is what inspired Toolflex – a flexible tool-holder that ensures that your tools are organised exactly where you want them, whenever you need them.

Toolflex provides a range of flexible tool-holders that can be hung on the wall or other surfaces. They are easy to assemble and set up, and can be adjusted for your personal needs. Toolflex One consists of an aluminium rail to which you simply click on the adjustable holders and other accessories, to make sure that every tool, or gadget, has its place.

“Toolflex is such a flexible solution. It can be used in any space and for any purpose and is designed to help you with your storage problems. It helps you get your tools, cleaning products and other equipment off the floor, and can be colour coordinated to increase the organisation even further,” explains Elin Skog, sales and communication manager at Toolflex.

Toolflex: Everything in its place

How to make organising fun

It can be used in, for example, garden sheds, kitchens, laundry rooms, caravans or storage units, and is perfect for cleaning tools, garden tools, cords and hoses, kitchen equipment or anything that you’d want to have available on the wall; the sky is the limit.

“Organising can actually be quite satisfying. Our products can be mixed and adjusted to make sure they suit your needs, and can be colour-coded to fit your personality or your interior design. They can handle both heat and cold, and can be used outside – as well as in cellars and humid locations,” says Skog. She continues: “There is never a point in your life where you won’t need Toolflex anymore. It’s so versatile.”

Toolflex: Everything in its place

Toolflex is also designed to meet hygiene requirements and minimise the risk of cross-contamination. The solutions are therefore ideal for use in restaurants, hotels, healthcare and retail, where health and safety standards are paramount.

“Toolflex will simplify the way you run your business. It helps you save time and makes it easy to put tools back where they belong. We have worked with restaurants, hotels and other service-based companies, and they are all praising the product. It just makes life easier,” Skog explains.

Made in Sweden and with a focus on hygiene and user-friendliness, this product is designed to meet your organising needs, even if you didn’t know you had them.

Toolflex: Everything in its place


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