Just where Norway’s longest and deepest fjord reaches its end, lies Skjolden. There are few places as scenic and serene as this little village, yet adventurous skiing trips and ice-cold glaciers are only minutes away. You cannot possibly get any closer to the majestic fjord than in Skjolden.

The clear blue water creates a striking contrast to the green fields of spring. With its hotel, apartments and holiday homes, Skjolden Resort can ensure a vacation to remember, whether you want to live on the fjord or off it. Nowhere else along the lengthy shores of the stunning sea can you actually live on the water. Skjolden’s simple but modern apartments are situated on poles just above the salty surface. Imagine waking up with the fjord literally on your doorstep, catching a healthy supper from your very own veranda. “It’s definitely a unique way of living,” exclaims Monica Johansen. She is the general manager of Skjolden Resort and immensely proud of everything the little village has to offer.

Local at the core

While the holiday homes might not be as close to the fjord as the apartments, the luxurious interior makes up for having to walk outside to get to the water. After a day out in the fresh spring breeze, there could be nothing more relaxing than a warm bubble bath and a long hot sauna, both in the comfort of your own home. Little beats the soothing return after a day out among the strong Norwegian elements. A home cooked meal is never far away, no matter where you choose to stay. At the charming hotel, guests can enjoy a calm breakfast or an extravagant dinner. The hotel itself is over a hundred years old, but is now refurbished and fully equipped to fit modern day use. The facilities are ideal for conferences and other business events, as well as family vacations. Another historic building at Skjolden Resort is Bryggjehuset, an atmospheric café and pub at the pier. The beautiful house only opened last summer and this little building was also refurbished before use. For decades the white-painted house was used to wrap ice before shipping it off to Britain. “It’s the soul and the long traditions that make these places so welcoming,”says Monica. “The local spirit is such a vital part of the resort.”

Adventure awaits

To encapsulate the essence of Skjolden, the resort uses mostly local foods for their dishes. Just like the rest of Skjolden Resort, the options are numerous and the flavours manifold to accommodate every taste and every age. There is a wide range of activities in the area, indoors and outdoors, from extremely adventurous to a little less daunting. Jostedalsbreen is one of Norway’s true treasures, a shimmering blue glacier only 45 minutes away from Skjolden. The terrain is stunning, the walk is not too challenging and a day out is tremendously rewarding. For those a little more daring, there are numerous rivers in the area that are absolutely ideal for rafting, some even do more family friendly thrills. Just as close to the water is a guided trip out on the fjord. The rigid inflatable boat lets you take in the fantastic views from the lowest point of the valley while gliding across the calm waters. There are so many ways of exploring Skjolden’s breath-taking surroundings, and the resort is more than happy to advise you on all of them.

Reload and relax

The grand white wooden houses, the abrupt grey mountains rising from the fjord and the friendly local people, makes Skjolden an attractive holiday destination in its own right. Its proximity to the fjord, the glaciers, the deep valleys and the rushing rivers sets it apart from every other village in the Norwegian countryside. “It is the perfect place to relax, to reload and to enjoy the quiet, unspoilt surroundings,” Monica says. Yet, beaches and swimming pools are never far away, and the summer nights can be bustling with life if you know where to look. Whether you are searching for a calm destination for you and your loved one, an exciting adventure for the family or just a scenic holiday, Skjolden is undoubtedly the right place for you.

By Stine Wannebo | Photos: Skjolden Resort


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