The very soul of Vauni is Swedish, from initial idea through to design and manufacture. The concept has its origins at the renowned Chalmers University in Gothenburg, where a professor found himself in need of a flexible fireplace for his apartment. His solution was an environmentally friendly stove, driven by renewable bioethanol, which emits no smells or pollution. The first design – Globe – created by Marcus Grip at Gothenburg’s Academy of Design and Crafts, is still the centrepiece in the Vauni collection. “This design is special since it’s the only completely spherical fireplace of its kind,” Ban explains. “Our aesthetic expression can be described as organic and soft, rather than sharp and angular, which tends to be the industry norm.” These aspects, combined with exclusive material, transform the fireplace into a beautiful and natural part of the home, a meeting place for friends and family, regardless of whether it be in an apartment or a house. “A Vauni fireplace is not only a treat for dark winter days,” Ban sums up. “It’s also a flexible and tailored way of creating ambiance in every room, every day.”

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