Are you looking to spruce up your skincare routine in 2023? Get to know these five Nordic cosmetic brands that have got beauty editors swooning.

Best for men: Sweden Eco

Sweden Eco’s range of conscious skincare is based on aloe vera and green tea, with a light, fresh scent of sandalwood and cloves. Their men’s range is especially well-received: the Beard & Face Oil contains nutrient-rich and active oils from watermelon seeds, chia and argan, with only a few drops of the concentrated elixir needed to enrich all skin types. Meanwhile, their moisturiser contains paracress, which has a powerful smoothing effect on wrinkles, and the super-hydrating compound hyaluronic acid for firming skin. The label has impressed beauty editors worldwide, storming international skincare awards with its no-nonsense, science-backed approach to luxury men’s products.

Best luxury all-rounder: Pure & Care

The Danish label PUCA (short for Pure & Care) cleaned up at the 2022 Global Makeup Awards. As well as taking gold in Best Luxury Skincare Brand overall, they scooped accolades for their toner, eyelash serum, eye mask and eye roll-on, as well as silver in Best Design and Packaging. PUCA’s natural and fragrance-free formulas are developed in Denmark in collaboration with specialised cosmetic and skincare consultants and are widely recognised to combine best-in-test results with a high-end feel.

Best innovators: Moi Forest

Finnish Moi Forest is a first-mover in incorporating the new Forest Microbes innovation in their skincare collection. Their range of moisturisers contains extracts of the natural microbial ecosystem from the pure soils of the Finnish forest, which combats the negative effects of urban sterilisation on the skin. These intelligent, living formulas are only just beginning to appear on the market, but they’re exploding in popularity, thanks to evidence that exposure to natural microbes naturally fortifies the skin’s immune system. Moi Forest’s range is made from natural and sustainably sourced ingredients, providing sophisticated and ethical everyday luxury at the cutting edge of skincare science, for an affordable price.

We Love This: Top Nordic skincare brands of 2023

Left: Moi Forest. Right: Pure & Care.

Best moisturiser: Taramar

A luxury skincare collection made from bioactive seaweed compounds and medicinal Icelandic plants? Sign us up! The Icelandic label Taramar has been on the scene for some 13 years, with a mission to “craft green formulas so pure and safe that they are technically edible, while being so effective that their benefits to your skin can be seen with the naked eye”. In the past six years, the brand has scooped awards for innovation all over Scandinavia. Most recently, the corrective Hydration Treatment, as well as the anti-fine-line Arctic Flower Treatment, have made a special splash amongst the beauty press.

We Love This: Top Nordic skincare brands of 2023

Best organic brand: GalBaia

One of the most lusted-after organic labels on the shelves right now is GalBaia, which dubs itself a ‘Natural Dermathecary’. The Estonian brand takes inspiration from the work of the ancient Greek physician, writer and philosopher Claudius Galen, who was the first to make an ointment from water and oil, and from the Australian Aboriginal deity Baiame, creator of rivers, forests and mountains. GalBaia’s products contain 100 per cent natural active Australian botanical ingredients, which stimulate the skin’s natural regeneration. The brand has turned heads in the beauty world for its facial moisturisers, and was awarded gold in the category Best Organic Beauty Brand at the 2022 Global Makeup Awards.

We Love This: Top Nordic skincare brands of 2023

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