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Norway’s fourth-largest island, Sørøya, is one of the best arctic fishing destinations in the world. If you want to get the biggest catch, then the Big Fish Adventure fishing camp in Hasvik is the place for you.

Sørøya has always been the place for world records, and is seen as an optimal location for the serious deep-sea fishermen. The scenery is rough, beautiful and raw, while the water is pure and full of fish. “Those who visit us are not satisfied with tiny fish, but want to wrestle the really big whopper. You will catch big fish with us – in fact, we have had so many records beaten here that it’s hard to keep count sometimes,” says owner and general manager Mona Saab. Saab and her husband, Ahmad Saab, took over Big Fish Adventure from her parents in 2000, and have since expanded the business. “We are currently working on a new exciting project to develop our accommodation offering further. This means improving the quality and offering our guests more comfortable places to stay while visiting us.”

Big Fish Adventure is the name of a services portfolio offered by Hasvik Hotel & Housing. The stunning arctic landscape surrounding the fishing camp offers midnight sun and around-the-clock light in the exotic summer months, and polar nights with magical northern lights during the winter, making it a perfect destination all year long. With the goal to offer visitors from around the world the fishing adventure of their lifetime, Saab believes that the friendly northern Norwegian hospitality, along with the spectacular location, is key.

30.3-kilogramme cod on the rod

Four of Norway’s best sea fishers – Jeanett Bersaas, Torunn Handeland, Geir Sivertzen and Asgeir Alvestad – travel near and far on the hunt for the biggest catch. This Easter, they visited Big Fish Adventure and all managed to break their own personal records in the deep sea at Sørøya.

“This trip has been one of the best experiences in my life. As soon as I stepped off the plane I started crying because it was just so beautiful. The nature is breathtaking and the people are so friendly and warm,” says Bersaas. She is the 2017 Norwegian fishing champion, and proudly caught a 30.3-kilogramme cod when visiting Big Fish Adventure. “I would highly recommend fishing enthusiasts visit. It is simply a magical place and an amazing adventure to be a part of!”

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