Made for fashion-conscious women who won’t compromise style for quality, 8848 Altitude is the Swedish activewear brand worn by alpine lovers since the 1990s. The clothes are treasured for their sophisticated aesthetics, great fit and well-considered colourways, helping users feel their best when hitting the slopes, or just walking down the street.

In its early days, 8848 Altitude was a small side business and passion project jointly run by a group of friends and designers. Within it, the team felt free to be innovative and daring with everything from materials to visual expressions, essentially being able to test out their ideas without too much risk.

“It was only at the turn of the millennium that we realised it was time to go all in and fulfil the potential of the brand we’d started. Good thing we did, it’s the best decision we ever made,” explains CEO Magnus Berggren who also founded 8848 Altitude and still heads up its design department.

8848 Altitude: Premium skiwear for slope connoisseurs

Fit and flair

After a rebrand in 2017, 8848 Altitude really came into its own and the transformation that would turn the company into the premium brand that it is today began. Today the DNA of the brand is best defined as sophisticated and sporty, with a Scandinavian flair that still feels continental.

8848 Altitude’s collections are carefully coordinated in colours and materials and designed to offer customers a well-matched wardrobe not only for alpine skiing but for a more horizontal lifestyle too. Indeed, 8848 Altitude as a brand is heavily geared towards skiwear, but the clothes are still subtle enough to be worn for any activity where users, which include men and kids too, want to look good without feeling cold.

Then, of course, there’s the question of finding the perfect fit which is something the design team at 8848 Altitude prides itself on.

“Our long history within the alpine sport is present in every detail, where each cut and component are carefully designed with function as well as aesthetics in mind. In my opinion, it’s this knowledge and expertise that give our creations the fit and exclusive look we’ve become known for,” says Berggren.

8848 Altitude: Premium skiwear for slope connoisseurs

From sketch to reality

When bringing a new collection to life, it’s all about design and unity. Each piece of the collection is given its unique role, whether it’s a jacket, ski trousers, base layer or hat, and can be combined with any other piece to present a cohesive look.

“During this process, the creation of the colour scheme is super important as it must be both interesting and commercial. Parallel to this, we establish what fabrics and detail to assign each piece to make it as functional and comfortable as possible, while also nailing the visual aspect,” explains Berggren.

Naturally, the team at 8848 Altitude also considers current trends without losing the core DNA of the brand. After all, combining function with fashion is an art they’ve practised for more than 30 years.

8848 Altitude: Premium skiwear for slope connoisseurs

Magnus Berggren, CEO, founder and head of design.

Style of the season

Made for this winter, 8848 Altitude’s newest collection is inspired by quiet luxury. This is a timeless and stylish look which works wherever in the world you are, featuring feminine and tailored silhouettes with an exclusive feel.

“Typical garments include our slim and stretchy ski trousers, matched with a high-functional ski jacket, or alternatively a light puffer jacket. You’ll see classic colours like white, navy and beige, accompanied by more inspirational colours such as fiery red and what we like to call Hortensia Blue,” describes Berggren.

8848 Altitude: Premium skiwear for slope connoisseurs

Conscious makers

The 8848 Altitude team is led by a belief that the best way to minimise their climate footprint is to create long-lasting products worth investing in. The goal is that each piece from the brand will be handed down to the next generation, or repurposed when no longer needed.

The team only sources materials from responsible producers who care for both products and workers. The use of recycled polyester and nylon is constantly growing, and many fabric linings are made with water and energy-saving methods. Additionally, the team consistently measures their overall sustainability efforts to keep track of (and grow) the company’s green credentials.

“Through any sort of market challenge, we’re proud to be a privately owned, small business that values craftmanship and passion for both product and user. This is where our true strength lies, and I’m confident it makes us ready for whatever the future brings,” concludes Berggren.

8848 Altitude: Premium skiwear for slope connoisseurs

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