Swedish clothing label A Day’s March offers high-quality wardrobe essentials, consciously produced in timeless designs. This spring, the brand is making its debut in the US market with the opening of its new flagship store at 32 Spring Street in New York.

A Day’s March is a Swedish clothing label founded in 2014 by Marcus Gårdö, Pelle Lundquist, and Stefan Pagréus. Lundquist and Pagréus have a background in advertising and the visual arts, while Gårdö brought the entrepreneurial side to the mix. The trio quit their daytime jobs to pursue the idea that premium, high-quality garments can be both affordable and more sustainable.

A Day’s March: Style without expiry date

The name, A Day’s March, is an old military term. “It’s how far an army can move in one single day,” explains Lundquist, creative director for the brand. “It reflects our ambition to make clothes that help you get through the triumphs and troubles of everyday life.”

A Day’s March: Style without expiry date

The sustainable choice

The collections draw inspiration from a mix of American sportswear and classic Italian fashion, filtered through a Scandinavian lens. “We aim to perfect the garments that get you through the day with style and dignity, hence the name – A Day’s March,” reiterates Lundquist. “Long-lasting quality and design are our tools to create clothes that you will love for years; we make wardrobe essentials that endure time.”

Most products in the collection are made in Portugal using local fabrics and materials. “I think we’ve been honest as a brand since the outset; our approach to both products and communication is straightforward – what you see is what you get. Many of our customers really appreciate that and become loyal to us,” continues the creative director. Instead of following every trend, the team wants to design clothes that last and that customers will love to wear for years. “Making sure the products stand the test of time is the most sustainable action we can take as a brand.”

A Day’s March: Style without expiry date

New store design direction, debuted in 2023.

New store opening in NYC

Since its start ten years ago, A Day’s March has embarked on a journey marked by strong growth and evolution. Key milestones include the opening of the first London store in 2018 and the introduction of womenswear in 2020. “Our roots are in menswear, emphasising quality and attention to detail,” says Lundquist. “The expansion into womenswear has enriched and made us more inspirational as a brand, whilst our dedication to product and craftsmanship remains.” Over the years, the brand has also collaborated with renowned artists such as Owe Gustafson, Jan Håfström, and Lisa Larsson on playful limited-edition collections to nurture creativity.

A Day’s March: Style without expiry date

Last year, A Day’s March opened new stores in Stockholm and Oslo, along with a bespoke townhouse in London, showcasing the core collections across three floors. Each store bears the hallmark of the brand’s design, created in-house by Lundquist and interior architect Daniel Braconier. The brand plans to continue the expansion into new markets and this spring, A Day’s March is debuting in the US with a flagship store opening on 32 Spring Street in New York.

“Despite the shift towards online shopping, we’ve always had a strong belief in having our own stores to complement our digital presence,” concludes Lundquist. “For us, it is imperative that customers can see and also feel the quality of our creations. The stores also serve as hubs for genuine interactions, where service reigns supreme and we can curate our brand. We can’t wait to open in New York since it’s been a dream for a long time.”

A Day’s March: Style without expiry date

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