Britt Almqvist, owner and CEO of Ahlqvist & Almqvist Architects, has 35 years of professional experience as an architect and urban planner. “I became an architect to create good environments for people,” she says. Her work has spanned analysis, design and implementation of various buildings and urban infrastructures, including housing, offices and schools.

The headquarters in Stockholm houses a team of 20, with a broad competence in architecture, urban development and infrastructure . Their combined expertise enables them to combine innovative and sustainable architecture with economic solutions, in projects that provide security and social community.

In 2009, Britt was recognised for her sustainable leadership, and several of the firm’s projects are guaranteed under the SGBC’s Miljöbyggnad (‘Environmental Building’) and LEED system for sustainable building certification, and have achieved a Nordic Swan Ecolabel. “We as architects have an obligation to continue exploring and developing, to strive for ecological and social sustainability,” Britt explains.

Ahlqvist & Almqvist Architects: Innovative architecture for secure and social communities


By focusing on environmental, economic and social sustainability, and using the self-developed urban planning tool ‘Sustainable City’, Ahlqvist & Almqvist can support their clients through all phases of the project.

In 2001, Ahlqvist & Almqvist was selected from among 138 international architecture firms by the city of Madrid to design one of the urban quarters, Carabanchel 10. They created two courtyards from a two-story high portico that spans the courtyard, each courtyard giving a feeling of belonging to a smaller part of a larger whole.

In 2021, the firm won an award for the city of Luleå’s first urban net-zero CO2 project. They achieved this by minimising emissions during construction, building with timber, ensuring passive energy efficiency and implementing solar panels for renewable energy production.

Parallel assignments include partaking in the innovative thematic competition ‘Europan’, urban planning in London, Stenungsund and Luleå, and research on urban trends, innovative construction for young people, and projects in England, Holland, Spain, Poland and China.

Ahlqvist & Almqvist Architects: Innovative architecture for secure and social communities

Britt Almqvist, CEO.


2021 Mjölkudden, Luleå, markanvisningstävling
2021 Kv Daedalus, Gamla stan, Finalist i ‘Årets bygge’
2020 Telegrafberget, Nominerad Nacka Stadsbyggnadspris
2020 Business park Poznan, The best environmental building in Poznan
2020 Skärgårdsskogen, Skarpnäck, markanvisningstävling
2020 Skuruparken, Nacka, markanvisningstävling
2016 Riddersvik, Hässelby, markanvisningstävling
2015 Malmudden, Luleå, markanvisningstävling
2011 Jakobsbergs bus station, Järfälla kommuns byggnadsmärke
2010 Solgårdsterrassen, Stenungsund, SA inbjuden arkitekttävling stadsplan
2009 Flemingsberg student houses, Huddinge kommuns skönhetspris
2009 Hållbart Ledarskap, Britt Almqvist
1997 Greenwich Millenium Village, London
1996 Europan 4 winner, Britt Almqvist


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