Georg Kayser Studio transforms spaces, whether it be a historic apartment in the heart of Barcelona or an old building in Southern Italy. Specialising in residential architecture, the studio creates dream homes for its clients, infusing effortless elegance with timelessness and warm minimalism.

Palazzo Nianu in Puglia in Southern Italy is the perfect example of how Georg Kayser Studio gives new life to spaces. Georg Kayser and fellow architect Alessandro Venneri decided to rescue the historic building and turn it into an oasis that invites you to slow down and recharge your soul in bespoke architecture.

“Palazzo Nianu is very dear to my heart,” explains Georg Kayser, founder of Georg Kayser Studio. “When we purchased it four years ago, it was in complete ruins. There were no bathrooms and the rooms had no windows, but the structure was so beautiful. It was like a white canvas. It was a really fun project, where we got to be our own clients.” If your soul is calling out for some replenishment in Italy, you can rent Palazzo Nianu via the website

Georg Kayser Studio: Timeless and elegant spaces infused with warm minimalism

A tailor-made suit for people to live in

Georg Kayser founded his architecture studio 10 years ago and decided to mainly focus on residential architecture – and he has never looked back. “I decided to focus on residential architecture because I wanted it to be personal, but it’s also a lot of responsibility. I often think ‘Oh my God, people are giving me all their life savings to play around with’. It’s a big responsibility, but I love having that contact with people. It becomes so personal when you get to see how people live,” smiles Kayser.

Georg Kayser Studio: Timeless and elegant spaces infused with warm minimalism

Georg Kayser Studio mostly works throughout Europe and primarily focuses on refurbishing old houses and apartments which is quite an interesting journey. “I work a lot with spaces with an existing structure and a history. I always look at what people have left behind and if there’s anything worth working with or if we have to start from scratch. You have to be respectful and disrespectful at the same time. I always remember the mood and atmosphere of the place and keep the charm, while working with the client’s style, personality, and preferences,” explains the architect and continues:

“It’s interesting working with old layouts. People were much smaller back then so for instance there would only be a tiny space for a bed, while today people want big beds. We’re trying to put modern life into old structures. You really end up designing a tailor-made suit for people to live in, but I love doing it. You fight for every centimetre and millimetre. A lot of detailing and thinking goes into making it look effortless.”

Georg Kayser Studio: Timeless and elegant spaces infused with warm minimalism

An intuitive design process

Because Georg Kayser Studio primarily works on existing buildings, it has a strong emphasis on reusing as many materials as possible. Not only does this keep the history of the space alive but keeping it vintage and top quality also creates more sustainable living spaces.

Georg Kayser Studio: Timeless and elegant spaces infused with warm minimalism

Photo: Eugeni Pons

“We try to reuse elements and materials as much as possible,” says Kayser. “Vintage is an easy way to introduce sustainability into architecture. This also brings timelessness into our projects, which will have long-term value. The style won’t have changed after a few years. Whoever comes in the future will see the value and beauty of the space. For instance, we had a project in Mallorca where we used the debris from the stone walls for the garden.”

Georg Kayser Studio: Timeless and elegant spaces infused with warm minimalism

While Georg Kayser always claims that he has no style, as it is individual to the client and the project, there are some characteristics of a Georg Kayser Studio project. He has a love for mixing different styles and decades infused with timeless and effortless elegance, and there is nothing traditional about his design approach.

“When starting a new project, I try to be open and look at the existing building and the client. Then I feed myself information from magazines, images, and travelling,” adds Kayser. “It all gets stored in the back of my mind like a little project box. I feel the client and then I intuitively begin to design. I work best when the client trusts me, as my creativity and design come from my own emotions and intuition.”

Georg Kayser Studio: Timeless and elegant spaces infused with warm minimalism

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Georg Kayser Studio was founded by Georg Kayser in 2014. Originally from Germany, he studied architecture at The London Metropolitan University and relocated to Barcelona in 2001.

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