You will recognise a Domum project instantly. Whether it’s a family home or a commercial project, it’ll be infused with warm minimalism, natural materials made by hand and timeless elegance. As a client you don’t have to worry about anything – Domum takes care of everything from start to finish.

Nestled in the heart of Palma de Mallorca, you will find Domum, a company specialising in bespoke architecture, interior design, and construction. Whether you are looking to build your dream home, you have fallen in love with an old house that needs renovation, or you need a beautiful office for your company, Domum can make your architectural dreams come true.

Domum: Where warm minimalism meets timeless elegance

The company was founded in 2014 by Pep Torres, Jorge Bibiloni and Fernando García. At the time, each of them had their own company and met while working on the same project. They quickly realised that they complemented each other’s skills and thought why not create a company together? Soon after, Domum was born. And in case you are wondering, the name Domum is no coincidence. It’s the Latin word for home or house.

“It was natural for us to create one company. Each of us has our own areas of expertise and strengths, which makes working together easy, and this also means we can support the client from start to finish of any type of project,” explains Pep Torres, Managing Partner at Domum.

Each of the three partners is responsible for one area of a project. Pep Torres’ is responsible for the complete management of the project, such as legal, administrative, and financial. Jorge Bibiloni overlooks the architectural part, while Fernando García is responsible for the execution and analysis of the project.

Domum: Where warm minimalism meets timeless elegance

Specialising in turnkey projects

Domum covers all types of projects, both residential and commercial. Whether it is a completely new construction or a refurbishment of an old building, the Spanish company can support you. Because the trio complement each other, it also means they can guide you throughout the project.

“We take care of everything. From the very first step of finding the right plot until the owner has the keys to their new home. We offer full management – we can even help you find legal advice, financing, regulations in different countries, and maintenance. We cover all phases of a project. The client does not need to worry about anything,” says Torres.

Domum: Where warm minimalism meets timeless elegance

Domum has a strong team of the finest architects, engineers, project managers, technical architects, and financial advisers, which ensures that it always delivers a top-quality result. As a client, you are cared for and supported every step of the way with weekly reports – nothing is left to chance, and you will never have to wonder where your dream project is at.

“It’s important that we give the client confidence, in us and in their projects,” explains Torres. “Client trust is absolutely essential in our work together. The client has to be able to trust that we understand the regulations in the country where they are building. They need to know we will foresee possible issues and take care of issues that may arise. Trust and confidence are our biggest and most important values.”

Domum’s partners are promoters of the projects as well, which means that all their experience and work are transferred into every client’s project. This ensures that every client gets the highest quality.

Domum: Where warm minimalism meets timeless elegance

From Mallorca to Los Angeles and Jordan

While Domum is based in sunny Mallorca, it works on projects across the globe. From Florida and Los Angeles to Jordan, no place is too big or too small, and Domum will take care of regulations and anything else. You just have to sit back and watch your home take shape. While Domum works in West and East and North and South, you will always be able to recognise a Domum project.

Domum: Where warm minimalism meets timeless elegance

“Our style is warm minimalism. We avoid using too many decorative elements to keep it elegant and timeless, and we always use natural materials, such as stone, wood, fabrics, and metal. We love raw materials as this creates a natural and warm atmosphere. Everything is handmade and of the highest quality,” tells Torres and adds:

“When we work on a project, we always begin by looking at the place and the surroundings. While we have a signature style, there is a huge difference between building a home in an old village here in Mallorca versus a luxury complex in Florida. The common theme though will always be natural materials, timeless elegance, and warm minimalism infused with character and personality.”

Domum: Where warm minimalism meets timeless elegance

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