Ahlvar Gallery, established in 2013, is built on a passion for creating timeless and versatile pieces with the strong and rebellious woman in mind. The brand’s design is sophisticated and confidence-inspiring, featuring pieces that never go out of style, made from high-quality fabrics.

The Swedish designer and Ahlvar Gallery founder Frida Ahlvarsson has been passionate about creating garments ever since she was a young girl. After several years working as a designer for other brands, it was her search for the perfect silk blouse with a more rough and refined design that inspired her to launch her own label. Ahlvarsson explains that her inspiration comes from observing and analysing the everyday woman and which garments would work in her day-to-day wardrobe or on nights out.

The design process usually begins with what Ahlvarsson describes as “hours of sketching based on inspiration from social gatherings.” The next step is the careful selection of materials; silk is one of the brand’s core fabrics, but Ahlvarsson also seeks to evolve the label by working with new luxury and sustainable fabrics. Samples are carefully tried on to ensure the perfect silhouette for every style, so that the final garments achieve nothing less than an immaculate fit.

Ahlvar Gallery: Timeless design for the sophisticated rebel

“To make pieces with high quality and a perfect finish we need to work with the most professional artisans in the industry,” Ahlvarsson explains. The brand is using one of China’s most well-known silk suppliers and they work closely together with a small factory. “There are 29 workers there, and they are some of the most skilled craftsmen around when it comes to creating silk garments,” she says.

The company designs for women and is 100 per cent owned by women. Ahlvar Gallery has seen impressive organic growth since it launched, and can today be found at more than 120 resellers. Some of their very first designs are still in the collection. Several colours reoccur in successive seasons, so your favourite pieces can be combined and added to year after year. Altogether, Ahlvar Gallery creates a timeless and easy-to-match wardrobe – with an edge.

Ahlvar Gallery: Timeless design for the sophisticated rebel

Web: www.ahlvar.com
Instagram: @ahlvargallery

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