If you are lucky enough to be visiting Jokkmokk, known for its stunning nature and for being a centre for rich Sami life, make sure you visit the Ájtte museum.

Here you can immerse yourself in a world-class exhibition about the Sami people that will give you a true insight into the exciting culture, everyday life, and survival in a demanding climate and environment in the north. The exhibition is named “Sápmi – about the land and the people” and there are several interesting parts of the exhibition plus an alpine garden and a restaurant with Sami dishes on the menu.

The museum offers a vast array of exhibits and things to do. Elina Kuhmunen, communications manager at the museum, wants to point out the renewed exhibition “Birds” showcasing wild birds in Sápmi, which opened in February this year. “It’s a beautiful display of bird species, 126 of them in fact, with Sami, Swedish and Latin names,” Kuhmunen explains and continues; “We are very proud to be the only museum in the north part of Sweden with larger natural history collections.”

You can then continue to the exhibition about Laponia in Lapland. This vast area of 9,400km2 with mountains and forests has been the home of nomadic hunters and reindeer herders for immemorial times and is since 1996 a UNESCO World Heritage site. It will give you an insight into its cultural and natural significance for all of humanity.

Ájtte – the Swedish Mountain and Sami Museum

Photo: Maria Klang Ájtte

Web: www.ajtte.com
Facebook: Ajtte
Instagram: @ajttemuseum

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