A brand on a mission to preserve Scandinavian expression and Nordic traditions through modern design – AnnaViktoria brings a bit of Sweden into your home.

Homeware brand AnnaViktoria was founded in 2006 by Viktoria Månström. The colours, forms and creative processes behind her items take inspiration from her upbringing in a family of craftspeople. Since 2020, husband and wife Joakim and Carola Aalto have taken the reins as the new owners – and intend to continue the label’s legacay of Nordic heritage.

AnnaViktoria designs homeware under its own brand as well as for other companies. The moose, reindeer and Dala horse – beloved creatures in Swedish culture – are the brand’s main motifs, expressed in a contemporary style.

AnnaViktoria: Conscious, heritage-inspired homewares

The extensive collections include jewellery, tableware, high-quality porcelain from Portugal, hand-blown glass products, home decor, fabrics, wool blankets and a variety of candle holders. Everything is designed with a clean, modern and simple Scandinavian aesthetic; made to last and to be enjoyed everyday.

“We are all about taking responsibility for the products to maintain the highest possible quality that ensures a long-life, by choosing production partners carefully and striving for long-term relationships with all suppliers. Preferably, the material comes from Sweden or within the EU, to be able to assure the customer that the product has been manufactured under good working conditions, and with a minimal carbon footprint,” Joakim explains.

The company has over 200 retailers in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Distributed in Germany, Japan and the US, its products are available around the world, and have been a popular choice with embassies, exchange schools and official ministries, as gift pieces to guests from abroad.

The AnnaViktoria logo features two connected hearts – a nod to the idea that by acting consciously and taking responsibility, they contribute to take care of our planet, now and in the future.

AnnaViktoria: Conscious, heritage-inspired homewares

Web: www.annaviktoria.se
Instagram: @annaviktoriadesign
Facebook: annaviktoriadesign

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