The award-winning Arctic TreeHouse Hotel is a must-visit for anyone looking to experience Lapland’s picturesque outdoors and uncompromising luxury. Arctic TreeHouse Hotel offers an escape from hectic everyday life to tranquil and pure Northern nature.

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel is part of the SantaPark Arctic World, a family-owned company specialising in Christmas fairytales, luxury stays and boutique experiences in Rovaniemi, Lapland. The vision of the owners Ilkka Länkinen and Katja Ikäheimo-Länkinen was to create a unique and one-of-a-kind hotel that celebrates Arctic nature and showcases Northern cuisine, design and architecture. Arctic TreeHouse Hotel has been frequented by celebrities and executives, but when asked about any VIP guests, the CEO Ilkka Länkinen says that every guest is a VIP: “Our restaurant is called Rakas Restaurant and the word ‘rakas’ means ‘my beloved’. That’s how we treat all of our guests – as our beloved ones.”

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel: Find your happiness in the Arctic

You can appreciate panoramic views of the surrounding nature while staying cosy in your suite.

The magic is in the detail

The inspiration for the hotel’s design came from a childhood dream, a close relationship with nature, the magical world of SantaPark Arctic World and the rich Lappish culture. The owners wanted guests to experience the Arctic nature and seasons throughout their stay. Respect for nature is one of the core inspirations behind the hotel’s concept, informing the carefully selected building materials and unique architecture. Instead of one large hotel building, accommodation units are scattered between trees, allowing for gorgeous views from the suites and bringing the Arctic nature indoors.

There are three different suite types. The iconic Arctic TreeHouse Suites are carefully planned nests made of timber. The Arctic GlassHouses are perfect for larger families with two bedrooms, a traditional sauna and a private deck from which to stargaze. The largest ArcticScene Executive Suites have elegant lounge areas, beautiful views and private wellness areas. All suites face the northern sky with big, panoramic windows for guests to enjoy the magic of the Arctic sky from the comfort of their own bed. The snowflake-shaped main building houses the Rakas Restaurant & Bar, Syvä Wellness Nest, meeting rooms, Guest Service Lounge and the hotel boutique.

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel: Find your happiness in the Arctic

Enjoy the MidNight Sun picnic with your loved one.

The ever-changing Arctic seasons

Arctic nature can be extreme and the temperature-difference between summer and the depths of winter can exceed 60 degrees Celsius. The landscape changes from pure white to a beautiful multitude of colours in summer and autumn. During winter’s polar nights, the sun won’t rise above the horizon, while six months later, the sun won’t set and guests can enjoy the outdoors all night long, under the midnight sun.

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel offers complimentary activity equipment for guests to use while exploring the surrounding forest at their own pace. Summer nights are a wonderful time to roam the beautiful surroundings on a fatbike, while autumn offers lovely opportunities for hiking and berry-picking, right by the suite. During winter, tobogganing, tubing and snowshoeing are guaranteed fun.

In Rakas Restaurant & Bar, the changing scenery beyond the gigantic panoramic windows is a breathtaking view to take in while enjoying the flavours of Lapland. Here, the seasonal menu created by the award-winning chef Petteri Luoto comprises beautiful dishes based on ingredients sourced from Arctic nature.

“December is by far the most popular time to visit, as Rovaniemi is known as the official home of Santa Claus. The type of Christmas magic we have here cannot be found anywhere else, but there is also much more to see in Lapland than the winter wonderland. For many it will come as a surprise that the best months to see Northern Lights are September, October and March. In autumn, you can see the Northern Lights reflect off the surface of the water – two sets of Northern Lights! It is an incredibly beautiful moment. The magical summer night sky and mild temperatures are also becoming increasingly popular,” Länkinen says.

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel: Find your happiness in the Arctic

Changing Arctic nature offers many wonders for children to enjoy.

Sustainable action

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel is run with the aim of passing on a better environment to the next generation. Each year, the team plants 5,000 to 10,000 new seedlings in the surrounding forests and seeks to reduce their carbon footprint with water-saving solutions and effective waste reduction and sorting. The hotel utilises geothermal energy and is a pioneering hotel in Finland in the use of solar-thermal energy.

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel also strives to reduce food waste and use local ingredients, with a goal to source 65 per cent of their ingredients locally. They have been recognised with the Green Key and Sustainable Travel Finland certificates, and with the 2022 Northern Europe Luxury Sustainable Hotel Award.

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel: Find your happiness in the Arctic

A heated sledge will take you on a starry ride straight from the hotel.

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