A minimalistic wardrobe with sustainable, timeless Scandinavian design. These are the cornerstones of fashion brand Atelier Kajsa. Its capsule collections of long-lasting garments can be worn regardless of season and easily combined for different looks.

Swedish fashion designer Kajsa Skoglund was frustrated with the wear and tear of the fashion industry. She was tired of poor-quality clothes, manufactured under questionable conditions. So, in 2018, she decided to do something about it. With her own label, Atelier Kajsa, she offers classic garments with a focus on details, designed in Stockholm, and made from premium materials from suppliers in Europe.

Skoglund has a solid background in design with degrees from Milan, Florence and London. During her studies, her creations were featured in Italian Vogue and she presented shows in London and Paris. Skoglund has also worked as a designer and product manager at the Swedish fashion brand GANT. “Over the years, I realised that I wanted to do things differently. I wanted to set my creativity free and at the same time make a real difference in the industry. That’s why I started my own label with responsible fashion that does not compromise on quality,” she says.

The brand’s philosophy is to create a minimalistic wardrobe with high-quality garments that can be worn all year round. “My starting point was to look at what I wanted to wear myself,” says Skoglund. “And I wanted environmentally-friendly materials with natural comfort – clothes I can feel comfortable in and therefore want to wear all the time.”

Atelier Kajsa: Style beyond seasons, quality without compromise, produced in Europe

Kajsa Skoglund, founder and designer.

A minimalistic wardrobe for every season

Atelier Kajsa’s collections are designed to meet the varied needs of our busy, modern lifestyles. They contain pieces which emphasise individual style, with a perfect fit, made from high-quality materials. “The clothes are classic and elegant, key items with a twist,” says Skoglund. “Small details make them interesting and sophisticated, and the clothes can be easily combined so nothing should be left hanging unused in the wardrobe, which is also an important aspect of sustainability.”

The Studio Collection is a range of stunning luxury pieces designed to turn heads and start conversations whenever you wear them – to dinner, for drinks, or out on the town. The Signature Collection contains wardrobe staples such as elegant tops, shirts, trousers, skirts and dresses – modern yet classic silhouettes for an elevated everyday style at work, or at leisure. And finally, the Essentials Collection brings long-lasting comfort and elegance to casual clothing such as T-shirts and dresses. These subtly stylish pieces are ideal for wearing at home, whilst shopping, or in the outdoors.

Sustainable practice is at the heart of everything – including the manufacture, delivery and lifecycle of the garments. Atelier Kajsa only works with European suppliers who share its commitment to responsible fashion, and all products are delivered in eco-friendly packaging, made from 90 per cent recycled materials, which are fully recyclable after use.

The same care and attention to detail goes into sourcing textiles, which are handpicked for durability. Sustainable materials used include organic cotton made with GOTS yarn, OEKO-TEX cotton, and viscose made from FSC certified yarn or TENCEL™, which is naturally breathable, retains colour and vibrancy, and feels great against your skin.

Slower fashion is the way forward

The fashion industry accounts for as much as ten per cent of the global emissions of greenhouse gases, according to a study from Chalmers and several other international universities. The study sees slow fashion and conscious consumer choice as some of the most important factors moving forward. “Buying an item to be worn only a handful of times has a significant negative impact on the environment,” says Skoglund. “With Atelier Kajsa, we want to challenge this wasteful, fast-fashion culture that exists today and move towards slow fashion.”

Whilst clothing from fast-fashion labels tends to get outdated quickly, Atelier Kajsa stands for timeless design with a minimalistic wardrobe of key pieces you can wear on many occasions and regardless of season. Each item is made with the utmost care and attention to detail using durable, long-lasting materials. As the clothes are easy to combine for different looks, customers can buy a smaller number of pieces that will become staples in their wardrobe.

Looking into the future, Skoglund is focusing on further expanding the selection of responsible clothing to meet the varied demands of modern life. She concludes, “Our vision is for customers to be able to fill their wardrobe with sustainable choices – for every season, and every occasion.”

In December last year, Atelier Kajsa opened a store in Åhlens City, Stockholm. The brand’s stylish collections are also available at Zalando, and in the online shop.

Atelier Kajsa: Style beyond seasons, quality without compromise, produced in Europe

Web: www.atelierkajsa.com
Instagram: @atelierkajsa
Facebook: AtelierKajsaStockholm

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