What started off as a hobby for designer Eva Gassne-Jeckelmann has in eight years grown into something much bigger, namely Aveva Design. Born out of a love to create, this brand is all about uniquely crafted designs that add real value to every home.

Originally a one-woman band, Aveva is today made up of a whole team to make the most of the founder’s designs. And it’s a team where consideration is key, towards everything from people to the planet – something that might seem contradictory when considering consumerism and the actual need for material things in society. “That’s why we work hard to create products that we believe enhance people’s lives,” explains Christoph Jeckelmann, CEO at Aveva. “We work against mass production and only produce as much as we need through craft techniques, using natural and sustainable materials.”


Wool and ceramics are the two materials predominantly used in the brand’s product range, the latter of which is proudly produced entirely in Aveva’s own Limhamn studio in the city of Malmö. “Wool is a great material to work with as it’s 100 per cent natural, as well as biodegradable and renewable,” says Jeckelmann, “while ceramics are extremely durable and can be enjoyed by generations to come.”

Also featuring materials like wood, cork and glass, Aveva products range from jars, baskets and pots to candle holders, bowls and even woolly posters, all underpinned by four brand keywords: colourful, useful, natural and happy.

Although designs are made in-house, Aveva also works closely with external manufacturers and suppliers, always local if possible. “We choose our partners very carefully, making sure that they share our values and care as much as we do about environmental and social responsibility,” explains Jeckelmann. “We strive for honest relationships and products for the heart.” Additionally, recycled paper is used for product tags and packaging – a smart and minimal approach that helps reduce overall waste.


Those who are intrigued by Aveva can purchase items through the dedicated web shop or from selected retailers, both in Sweden and internationally. Perhaps go for one of the newly launched itty bowls or eva jars? Aveva also enjoys collaborating with restaurants and other companies, supplying them with original products that give them an edge.

Thanks to the wide range of unique, handmade products, Aveva Design has quickly become the go-to brand for anyone looking to create good vibes at home.


Instagram: @avevadesign

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