The perfect combustion and energy partner


Avimar has, over the past decade, become one of the biggest players on the Scandinavian market when it comes to products that ensure the safety of heliports, helidecks, airports, windfarms and the marine industry. Their focus on LED, sustainability and high-quality solutions has made them a trusted partner for both private and public organisations.

Based in Denmark, and with an office in Norway, Avimar provides everything from lights to passenger stairs for airports across Scandinavia and the Middle East. “We consider ourselves a one-stop shop for small- and medium-sized airports and can deliver all the products they need. We have also become specialists in helidecks and heliports, both in cities and offshore,” explains Viggo Dahm, chairman of Avimar. “We have worked everywhere from Greenland to Dubai, so we know that our products can withstand more extreme climates, and we’ve also developed them so that pilots can actually control the ground lights when they get closer. That way, there doesn’t need to be people on the ground to ensure a safe landing – something that is very convenient for more remote areas.”

Avimar is also working to create more sustainable solutions and now only works with LED lights, which not only last longer than normal lights, but also help to save money on maintenance and ensure safety. “We’re looking to the future, and not only do we want to continue to be one of the top partners in our field; we also want to help to make it a more sustainable sector,” concludes Dahm.

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