Most people either have or know someone with sensitive skin. For new parents, it can be difficult to find clothes that both feel comfortable and look good. With Babymood, there’s no need to choose one or the other.

Anna Nishori was an accountant for almost 20 years, but after the birth of her youngest daughters in 2017 and 2018, she left her comfortable, stable job for a new adventure. Both of Anna’s girls were diagnosed with atopic skin, and she found that there were few skin-friendly clothing options for her babies. Thus, the mother of four decided to make some options herself, and in 2020, Babymood was born.

“I established Babymood at the beginning of the pandemic, which means that there have been challenges,” Anna says. “But I’m proud to say that we’ve been able to do incredibly well, both in Norway and internationally.”

Babymood: Prioritising children’s comfort and style

Both quality and style

Among Babymood’s main priorities are the quality and comfort of children. The use of certified organic cotton ensures that the clothes feel soft against the child’s sensitive skin. “Our designs are also unique in the way that they allow you to easily dress and undress the little ones without causing discomfort,” Anna explains.

When she was looking for clothes for her children, one of Anna’s main issues was that she couldn’t find skin-friendly clothes that also looked nice. Babymood’s collections consist of fun, childish and timeless designs, inspired by the outdoors. “We’re heavily inspired by nature, and we use a lot of earthy tones,” she says. “I’ve spent a lot of time making sure that the clothes look amazing.”

Among the brand’s most popular items are rompers, jumpsuits and bodysuits.

Babymood: Prioritising children’s comfort and style

International demand

Sensitive skin is not uncommon in young children, as they are naturally more prone to skin irritations than adults are. Parents all over the world need high-quality clothes for their sensitive babies, so it is perhaps no surprise that Babymood’s products have been in high demand. Since the brand’s inception in 2020, Babymood has had very few quiet days.

“We get orders from all over the world,” says Anna. “We’re especially excited about department stores everywhere from the US to Switzerland buying our products. We can’t wait to grow and expand even more.”

Babymood: Prioritising children’s comfort and style

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