In the beautiful surroundings of Dalsland, close to the big lake Vänern, you’ll find Baldersnäs Manor. By the old entrance to the area, an inscription in Latin from the 1700s has been found, and it reads: “Guest friendly, the peninsula beautifully smiles at you, inviting you to forget your sorrows” – a description that still holds its promise. Let your shoulders drop in the English park, breathe in the fresh air on your walk around the lake, let your gaze rest on the calming scenery and embrace taking time for reflection, nature and great food.

The main house of Baldersnäs Manor was built in 1912 by the engineer Rudolf Liljequist, one of two people writing the foundations for the famous Nobel Prizes. Used as a private home until 1975, it is now open for guests to enjoy the historical atmosphere during a luxurious stay. Only 15 minutes from Skärbo nature reserve, you can spend the day wandering the Swedish woods before coming back for a five- or seven-course dinner in the restaurant, led by head chef Emil Öjentorp. The food is traditional Swedish cuisine with a hint of playfulness and a modern twist. Keep your expectations high – you won’t be disappointed.

Baldersnäs Manor and its service-minded crew have great experience of hosting wedding parties of up to 80 guests, but also intimate stays for calming weekend getaways. During the past couple of years they’ve opened up for activities such as running groups and yoga. And those interested in traditional Swedish handicrafts will enjoy a visit to Steneby hemslöjd (‘hemslöjd’ meaning ‘handicraft’) on the site.

If you’re not already familiar with the Swedish word ‘livsnjutare’, now might be the time you come to understand it. A ‘livsnjutare’ is someone who enjoys the pleasures of life – a bon vivant of sorts – and that’s very much something you can do during a stay at Baldersnäs Manor.

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