Enjoy a wonderful all-inclusive three-day whale and northern lights expedition in Senja, perfect for small groups of a maximum of  ten people looking for an adventure that is out of the ordinary.

As the herring makes its way into the fjord of outer Senja, the mighty humpback whales and killer whales follow. Basecamp Senja offers three days and nights of exciting experiences in spectacular surroundings, arctic winter light and delicious local food. Here you can head out into the fjord in large, open Zodiac boats, coming as close to the sea and whales as is possible. Stay at the cosy Posthuset Expedition Lodge right by the fjord bank. The expedition includes whale safaris each day, room and board for all days, various lectures and magical northern lights hunts during the evening and night. Transport from Finnsnes to Skaland and back to Finnsnes is included.

Basecamp Senja boasts success rates on its whale safaris and northern lights hunts of 100 per cent and 85 per cent respectively. The company also offers a Tromsø whale safari, lasting four to five hours, starting from the city quay. This option costs NOK 1,200 per person and runs from the end of November through to January.

Facts and details:
Web: www.basecampsenja.no
Mail: post@basecampsenja.no
Phone: (+47) 917 09 618

Travel to Senja:
www.sas.no to Tromsø
www.norwegian.no to Tromsø or Bardufoss

Transport from Tromsø to Finnsnes:
Express ferry from Tromsø centre to Finnsnes (1 hour and 15 min), with pick up at Finnsnes. Return with Hurtigruten from Finnsnes to Tromsø.

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