On the west coast of Sweden, you will find the Bjäre peninsula and the vibrant town Båstad. Well known for its high-profile tennis and beautiful beaches, Båstad is classic and trendy, a beautiful coastal destination filled with history and charm.

In Båstad, travellers can enjoy an international atmosphere alongside a refreshing sea breeze, summer parties, and water sports. You will also find peace, quiet, and relaxation. On top of all, visitors are spoiled for choice when it comes to great quality food, served in fantastic settings. The soil and climate of the Bjäre peninsula are perfect for growing and producing food. “We are very proud of our local produce and farmers,” says Annika Borgelin, CEO of Båstad Tourism and Business. She continues: “It is a very fertile peninsula and the produce we get here is just something else, so we want to welcome all the foodies and the connoisseurs out there to come and enjoy it,” she says and smiles.

Båstad: A tasteful destination for the good life connoisseurs

Left: The charming Torekov is part of Båstad municipality. Right: Thora Vinery in Torekov is one of the several new vineries offering tastings and tours. Photo: Emma Berto

Head out on a farm shop safari

With an array of cafes, farm shops, and producers in the area, a farm shop tour provides a fun way of visiting all of them while enjoying an active day out. “It’s a great way to explore, and you can cycle which is perfect to do here – we have a really good set-up for cyclists,” Borgelin explains.
But, of course, taking the car works just as fine and the views along the way are beautiful. On the safari, you will be able to buy food items such as eggs, fresh potatoes, raspberries, cheese, or organic meat, directly from the producers. In the lovely setting of Bjäre peninsula you will find everything from small roadside carts with freshly harvested produce to larger farm shops. Buying directly from the farmer really is a luxury in life, it is the good life.

Fine dining and charming bars

In the area, you will also have numerous options to dine out and enjoy the food of the town’s many talented chefs, very likely created with ultra-fresh locally produced ingredients. in Båstad or Torekov harbour, for instance, you can have a freshly caught fish to eat in or take home. Moreover, you will find lots of charming bars and pubs in town as well as the popular Pepes Bodega.

If, on the other hand, what you are looking for is a luxury dinner, the a la carte menu at Orangeriet Restaurant in the gardens of Norrviken or the modern cuisine of restaurant Sand will provide you with just that. This can be accompanied by an award-winning cocktail at Hotel Skansen. With a cocktail list curated by bar manager Daniel Seehusen, one of the world’s best mixologists, the bar is a must for the cocktail connoisseur. For the full experience, sit down by the pool that offers an atmospheric view over fabulous surroundings.

For more rural experience, a visit to the exquisite SOEDER Countryhouse & Kitchen offers an extraordinary retreat. With only four rooms and one dinner table this is really something special, a genuine boutique experience.

Båstad: A tasteful destination for the good life connoisseurs

In both Båstad and Torekov harbour guest can enjoy a delicious selection of freshly caught and prepared seafood. Photo: Hamnkrogen

Visit a vineyard

Finally, an experience you must not miss is a wine tasting at one of the vineyards on the Bjäre peninsula. Yes, that’s right – there are a handful of vineyards in the area. The wine industry is still young in this part of the world, but with its long Swedish summer days and sea breeze, the climate here provides a unique environment for the producers. If you are interested in food and wine, make sure to visit the exquisite Ferdinand Vinbar and, of course, the vineyards. One option for a tasting and tour is at Vejby Vineyard which has won prizes at the International Wine Challenge in London for several consecutive years. Another two are Thora Vineyard, which focuses on a biodiversity approach, and Ljungbyholms Vineyard, which started producing wine in 2019 and is expanding each year. “The Koenigsegg family, which you may know from the supercar by the same name, has actually made a very big investment of 85 000 vine stocks planted in the Bjäre area,” Borgelin reveals. It sounds like Swedish wine is something we will see more of in the future.

Båstad: A tasteful destination for the good life connoisseurs

Photo: Båstad harbour

A destination for everyone to enjoy

With farm shops, wineries, food and drink events, pick-your-own, and harvest festivals, topped with lovely beaches, golf, tennis, spa hotels, great nature and an atmosphere that is steeped in the history of being a seaside getaway for kings and celebrities, this is certainly a destination for those who appreciate the good life.

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