The power to build the future is in our hands and BAUX provides the material. The Swedish company is pioneering the building and architecture industry with its sustainable acoustic sound absorbers that not only increase wellbeing, but have become a venerated design detail sought out by the world’s most prominent companies.

“Employees are aware of their value, and they won’t accept poor working conditions. Top companies around the globe know they need to maintain supreme standards to keep their employees engaged and the office environment is a huge part of that. We’re helping the biggest companies around the globe: Google, AirBnB, Spotify, Microsoft, Lego, Amazon, AstraZeneca, Telefonica, the list goes on, through our ground-breaking acoustic solutions that not only provide a stimulating, healthy atmosphere, but also a sleek and dynamic interior. In an era where open spaces are the norm, we need the solutions to make them work for the individuals occupying that space, and that’s where BAUX comes in to the picture,” says Fredrik Franzon, founding partner and CEO of BAUX.

BAUX: The future is here: sustainable acoustics and innovative design

Recycled PET.

Carbon-neutrality and stunning aesthetics

BAUX was created in Stockholm in 2013 by Franzon, Johan Ronnestam and the founding members of design studio Form us With Love; Jonas Petterson, John Löfgren and Petrus Palmér. The company emerged when the design studio was on the hunt for an acoustic solution to their office and encountered a material that, until then, was commonly used in the building industry. Fire resistant and made with natural materials, the studio saw the opportunity to use it to forge something of their own.

Their prototype was installed on the walls, where it successfully alleviated their acoustic problems. There, it was discovered by architects who wanted to use it for other projects, and the studio realised that they were onto something: a chance to make a ground-breaking impact on the building industry.

BAUX is formed of three major pillars: sustainability, functionality and design. Everything is done with circularity in mind and sustainability has been a fundamental part of their core business since day one. Proudly aiming for carbon-neutrality, they are fully transparent and do whatever they can to reduce their emissions. BAUX is following UNFCCC’s Climate Neutral Now Initiative and, as such, they compensate for actions that they can’t deliver without emissions.

The materials need to meet several criteria: they must be traceable, recyclable, with low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC). Their products are widely used by architects and interior designers around the world looking for a material with strong acoustic and structural properties, while also providing an impressive decorative design detail for ceilings, walls and within the room.

BAUX: The future is here: sustainable acoustics and innovative design


Natural material with a magical twist

Three main product categories, sourced and produced in Sweden, are used for an endless array of creations: Acoustic Pulp, Wood Wool and Recycled PET. Nearly anything can be designed to include different shapes, colours and features. The Acoustic Pulp is a unique, bio-based, organic material composed of all natural ingredients. A concoction that includes cellulose, citrus, potato starch and vegetable wax makes a sturdy, fire resistant material that is so close to nature that pure water steam is the only emission during production.

The Wood Wool is the best-selling product thanks to its remarkable qualities. It’s absorbent, fire-proof, moisture-regulating and resistant, energy efficient and even absorbs CO2. The material is a popular choice for many architects, as it’s extremely versatile and can be cut and shaped easily. The newly launched Recycled PET is made from certified PET from Europe and is completely recyclable. Containing no glue and with nothing to disassemble, the product is destined for a circular life.

The key to a better future is transparency

“How can we achieve a truly sustainable society? We are dedicated to understanding this by researching our own process and by being transparent about our results. How much emission comes from transportation, from production, where and how was the raw material sourced? We’re not perfect but we’re constantly aiming to be as good as we can be and to set a new standard in our industry,” says Franzen, and concludes: “Nature is our inspiration and preserving it while extracting its benefits in a responsible way is how we believe we can create a better society. The building industry has an enormous responsibility in our sustainable future and, within this, we believe we have a big part to play. We strive to inspire by being transparent, while at the same time providing an outstanding product with looks and functions that outperform other options on the market.”

BAUX: The future is here: sustainable acoustics and innovative design

Acoustic Pulp environment.

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