Explore rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, local cuisine and handicraft, and end the day warming yourself by the fire, beneath the incredible night sky. If you long for tranquillity and cosiness, a stay at Birkelund on Bornholm is exactly what you need.

Bornholm is a charming little Danish island in the Baltic sea famous for stunning landscapes, laid-back living, and world-class culinary experiences and heritage. It’s also a hotspot for artists, with a rich craft, design and ceramics scene and plenty of inspiring galleries and open studios to discover.

Birkelund on Bornholm: Local charm, breathtaking nature and ‘hygge’

Now that you are convinced that your next getaway should be to Bornholm, where should you stay? Well, Birkelund is one great option – a quaint farmhouse from 1850 with five large holiday apartments built in the old stables.

“Birkelund is the perfect spot for peace and quiet. There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and al fresco living in a cosy atmosphere. This is what we Danes call ‘hygge’,” says Nanna Balsby, owner of Birkelund.

Birkelund on Bornholm: Local charm, breathtaking nature and ‘hygge’

Photo: Drømmesteder

Disconnect to reconnect

Nestled between 24 hectares of forest, meadows and lakes, Birkelund has the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere, allowing you to disconnect and recharge, while in fact being quite close to everything. Birkelund is conveniently located right next to Nordbornholm’s Golf Club. There are also a myriad of walks and bike trails to explore, and with just six kilometres to Gudhjem and 12 kilometres to Allinge, you can enjoy these lively harbour towns before returning to the quiet of Birkelund.

Birkelund on Bornholm: Local charm, breathtaking nature and ‘hygge’

“No matter which season you visit Birkelund, there will be plenty to do and see. When you are not exploring the island, you can relax in the lounge chairs by the fire pit or gaze at the starry sky from the comfort of the conservatory. This is particularly beautiful in autumn and winter,” says Balsby.

Birkelund is constantly working towards a more sustainable future, by using renewable energy sources for heating and offering charging ports for electric vehicles, for example. You can also meet Birkelund’s two cows, Bisseline and Birkeline. Their grazing helps to increase biodiversity – and they are friendly too, so feel free to pet them!

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, wake up to birds chirping and wildlife at your doorstep, Birkelund might just be the place for your next getaway.

Birkelund on Bornholm: Local charm, breathtaking nature and ‘hygge’

Web: www.birkelund-bornholm.com

Nanna Balsby took over Birkelund in 2021. She is currently working with Løvtag Treetop Hotel to bring tree-top accommodation to Birkelund.

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