Beauty brand Björk & Berries is promoting a balanced lifestyle with its organic products, inspired by Swedish nature, perfumery traditions and skin care. This is the essence of eco luxury, adapted to your lifestyle.

Botanical skincare and perfume house Björk & Berries is dedicated to capturing the beauty and benefits of nature in its purest form. It transforms raw, indigenous ingredients into specialist natural and organic body care, expertly crafted products for everyday use.

Björk & Berries started as a small project in the deep forests of northern Sweden, combining centuries-old natural beauty traditions based on local flora – wild herbs, plants and berries – and combined with advanced technology to create effective modern beauty products.

At the core of the brand’s ethos is the eco luxury philosophy. It aims to promote a sustainable environment by using handpicked, natural and organic ingredients. The no-nonsense approach is to develop products with as few ingredients as possible, yet with maximum effect.

The Swedish secret

“When Björk & Berries started creating eco luxury products many years ago, there was a gap in the market,” explains
interim CEO and creative director Hanna Lundgren. “Now we are happy to see more and more brands with the same ethos and pathos on the market. We have made a conscious decision not to brand our products with certificates as we often have a higher degree of organic and natural ingredients than required. Instead, we are completely transparent about the content of our products. We hope that clean beauty will be the norm in the future,” she says.

“Nature provides inspiration for our products, which are in turn adapted to our lifestyles,” Lundgren continues. “For
us, this means living healthily and close to nature, but also indulging in the finer things in life. We believe that balance and remaining curious about life are the keys to happiness. This balanced lifestyle is part of something we call ‘the Swedish Secret’, and is something we think about in everything we do – there should never be any musts.”

Three pillars of beauty

The product range is based around three pillars: body, face, and perfumes. They are all inspired by Swedish nature and  the seasons, with product lines where customers can pick and choose what they need. “Our products are adapted to real life. Sometimes you don’t have more than five minutes for your beauty regime, and sometimes you have all the time in the world – add on seasonal changes to this, and your personal skincare may need to change from day to day. Therefore, we have spent a lot of time developing our products so they can stand alone or in symbiosis according to your needs at that moment.”

The perfume collection consists of five fantastic fragrances, plus reeddiffusers and scented candles. “Moonflower
is our newest EDP and my absolute go-to favourite,” says Lundgren. “Made for the creatives of the night, it was inspired by the fringed orchid, which has a particularly strong scent at night and therefore attracts night butterflies.”
Bjork & Berries
Life-giving tree

Central to the brand’s name, but also in its products, is birch — or ‘björk’ in Swedish. Traditionally, birch has been
used for both medical purposes and beauty, and is known as the life-giving tree. Historically, the leaves and the
extract were used as cover for wounds and weeping eczema. People would also drink a concoction as a wellbeing treatment to beautify the skin during spring.

Björk & Berries has been inspired by the tree’s cleansing and healing abilities and uses the birch leaf water and extract for a hydrating and nourishing effect. The birch plant is toning, softening, firming, purifying, elasticising and antiseptic. For instance, the birch bark has resulted in a soft, creamy body scrub with organic and natural exfoliates.

The customer favourite globally is the body serum, with 99.9 per cent natural origin and 75 per cent organic ingredients. Another bestseller is the White Forest exfoliating hand wash, which was also a winner at the Swedish Beauty Awards 2018. The refining exfoliating toner, meanwhile, has been recommended by Meghan Markle’s facialist, Nichola Joss.

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