Bjørnafjorden Opplevelser began as a diving business but today has expanded to include kayaking, fishing, trekking, boating and more – all in the beautiful surroundings of Øyane in Lepsøy, Bjørnafjord, just outside of Bergen in Norway.

“We’d like to expand, but right now we’re fully booked from mid-July until the end of September, and we have so much going on!” Hugo Hansen, the manager of Bjørnafjorden Opplevelser, enthuses. Although he has a fulltime job – as do all of his family members and partners – he is radiant and full of energy when he describes the business that he and his wife Britt have been running since 2018, together with their daughter and her husband.

Experience nature

Bjørnafjorden Opplevelser offers a range of outdoor activities. Most are water-related, like diving, fishing and kayaking, but they also organise long and short-distance treks, including daytrips to the nearby Borgafjellet, as well as to other beautiful mountains and sights around the fjord.

The nature in this part of Norway is rich and varied. If you’re lucky you might spot porpoises breaking the surface of the water while out kayaking. Guests can enjoy the experience on a casual outing, but can also do courses in kayaking and diving: Hansen and his family are certified instructors and have all the necessary equipment on hand.

Most visitors come in groups: businesses come for teambuilding exercises or to simply wind down from work; families come from all over the world for a different type of family bonding; and anniversaries and action-filled birthday celebrations are becoming increasingly popular.

For colleagues and families alike, the beautiful fjord and its surroundings invite mindfulness and a tuning-in to nature – the perfect antidote to stressful workdays. “We’ve had a large family from the Philippines, and visitors from Greece, England and Eastern Europe – even Hawaii!” Hansen says enthusiastically.

Guests are not only from all over the world, they are also of all ages, too. Regardless of who they are, they are bound to enjoy themselves. “We’ve had 75-year-old women here who were determined never to sit in a kayak. But they gave in and ended up having the time of their lives!” Hansen laughs.

Dive for dinner

No wonder that Bjørnafjorden Opplevelser’s guests enjoy themselves – Hansen and his family offer a truly unique holiday. Not only is the beautiful view of the fjord tucked between towering mountains a memorable sight, but the activities have a twist: you dive for your own dinner.

“We actually fetch fish, mussels and crabs as we dive. When we don’t cook it ourselves, we hand the catch of the day over to the professional chefs at Solstrand Hotel & Spa,” Hansen says, adding that the local waters offer a wide variety of fish and seafood.

Hansen explains that while both diving and kayaking are actually best in the winter when the water is at its clearest, summer is still the prime time for visiting Bjørnafjorden Opplevelser.

Bjørnafjorden Opplevelser: Ready for adventure?

Fishing in the sunset.

Supported by the local community

Bjørnafjorden Opplevelser offers the action and adventure, while collaborations with several local providers complete the experience. The guests, it seems, are not visiting one business, they are visiting an entire local community.

The historical Solstrand Hotel & Bad is an attraction in itself in Bjørnafjord, and this is where guests are likely to stay the night. Right behind Solstrand Hotell is a beautiful golf course and plentiful natural and historical attractions in the area. A visit to Oselvarverkstaden is an absolute must for those interested in historical boat-building techniques. The wooden workshop has existed for over a thousand years and its boats are famous all over Norway.

Even though Bjørnafjord is a piece of pure nature that seems far removed from civilisation, it’s easy to drive to via a new tunnel. Hansen and his family are happy to help with transport booking, and the journey only takes 20 minutes from Flesland Airport, and 30 minutes from the centre of Bergen.

Bjørnafjorden Opplevelser: Ready for adventure?

Left: Hugo Hansen at Bjørnafjorden Opplevelser. Photo: Mette Fagerli. Right: Ready for a home-caught meal.

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