In Bodø, you will not only find some of Norway’s most scenic nature and most glorious displays of the northern lights. Here, you can also enjoy quality time with the family at one of the country’s largest activity centres, and marvel at the spectrum of delights this region has to offer – from swimming pools to spa days.

“Bodø Spektrum offers everything you need to enjoy a dynamic and wide array of experiences, whether that’s a weekend escape with a loved one, a day out with the family, or an inspiring getaway for you and your colleagues. We’re fully equipped to accommodate your every wish, including swimming pools, spa experiences, culinary delights and wonderful nature experiences. Few experiences match that of enjoying time with loved ones in a warm pool while watching the northern lights – you’ll have to come see it for yourself,” says Kristin Haugen, marketing manager at Bodø Spektrum.

As one of Norway’s most bountiful and abundantly equipped sports, culture and adventure centres, Bodø Spektrum boasts two large multi-use halls that serve as well-organised locations for sports events, fairs, concerts, conferences and events. Beyond these halls, named Bodøhallen and Nordlandshallen, the centre provides a modern water park – Nordlandsbadet – and a state-of-the-art spa and wellness centre. Through its separate in-house businesses, Bodø Spektrum also offers a modern fitness centre, physiotherapy, skin, body and spa treatments, an emergency room and a ballet studio.

Welcoming around 520,000 visitors each year, the centre is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike – and boasts an ever-expanding range of exciting offers for individuals, professionals and families. “We’re an experience-based centre aiming to offer something for everyone, with an emphasis on relaxation, safe learning and quality family time. From the diving tower to children’s pools, there’s an offering for visitors in every category,” says Haugen.

Bodø Spektrum: Relaxing delights and shared experiences in northern Norway

Seizing the day – a splash of quality time

With fun zones such as wave pools, diving towers and current machines, Nordlandsbadet provides plenty of room to challenge oneself and have a good time – no matter one’s level of swimming proficiency. The centre also encourages guests to enjoy a visit disconnected from mobile devices if they so wish, enabling a feel of mindfulness and in-the-moment enjoyment. This is a welcome feature at the water park, perfectly summarising its family-centred approach.

“We think there’s real and attainable value to be derived from focusing on the present moment – especially as it promotes togetherness and all-round wellness,” says Haugen. “Our aim is to focus on quality time for kids and families, attaining not only a safe and enjoyable environment – but creating a space conducive to learning and great memories. Children are notably happier, parents delight in seeing their young ones playing in the water, and those special moments are captured and remembered,” she says, adding: “We hope to inspire parents to take part in their children’s world in an immersive way, bringing out that playfulness that is so important to keep alive. There’s nothing more rewarding than setting the scene for those childhood memories.”

Bodø Spektrum: Relaxing delights and shared experiences in northern Norway

Relaxation under the northern lights

As a prolongment of its present-moment ethos, Bodø Spektrum’s wellness offering is relaxing, soothing and something out of the ordinary. In the modern wellness centre, clients can ensure a stay perfectly in line with their personal preferences – whether one is after a celebratory group stay with friends, a quiet day for pampering, or simply relaxation. “The most important thing for us is that our clients are looked after and receive a service that makes for a relaxing stay,” says Haugen. “Our popular restitution spaces, spa offerings and saunas are always available, and full meals, snacks and beverages can be ordered to enhance one’s stay.”

Notable to Bodø’s location just north of the Arctic Circle are the ample opportunities to experience the northern lights in the wintertime, and the midnight sun during early summer. As many of the activity centre’s pools are situated fully or halfway outside the water halls, these seasonal phenomena can often be experienced during a warm dip in a Jacuzzi, or a swim in one of the heated pools. “These experiences add a spectacular bonus to an altogether exciting day out,” says Haugen. “Regardless of which activity you choose to take part in at the centre, the location and surrounding nature will take your breath away.”

Bodø Spektrum: Relaxing delights and shared experiences in northern Norway

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