Branäs may be one of Sweden’s lesser-known ski resorts, but in that also lies parts of its beauty. With an impressive fall height, numerous modern chair lifts, 32 slopes and southern Sweden’s longest ride, Branäs is a paradise for families looking for an all-inclusive winter adventure.

Book a stay in Branäs and you’ll have adventure on your doorstep, literally. There are 12,000 beds within the resort itself, all with a handy ski-in, ski-out offering. “It doesn’t get easier than that,” says commercial director Mikael Elford. “Especially for families with young kids. Simply pop your skis on and off you go, ready for a day on the slopes”.

Branäs: Superb skiing for the whole family

Family fun

Speaking of families, the team behind Branäs pride themselves on the resort’s reputation as the ideal destination for adults and kids. In fact, Branäs has received The Big Children’s Holiday Prize an impressive 13 times, awarded by and voted by families and children around the country.

Branäs: Superb skiing for the whole family

A winter gem for kids and adults.

Why? Well, one reason is the abundance of activities for the little ones, such as Björnbuseland or the more adventurous Nintendo Land, which features familiar figures from the world of Nintendo. Another reason is the many slopes ranging from green to red, enabling skiers on all levels to take part in the fun. Not to mention a great ski school for little ones just starting off.

Those wanting to take a break from alpine skiing can also enjoy beautifully prepped cross-country tracks and dog sledding, or a warm meal at the resort’s child-friendly restaurants.

Branäs: Superb skiing for the whole family

New for the season

As part of an ongoing expansion of the Branäs ski area, this season sees the opening of Nötåsen with a brand-new lift and slope. “The idea is to add more lifts and slopes to Nötåsen over the coming years and to have all slopes interconnected so you can move around easily without worrying about the kids getting lost,” explains Elford. There’s also Snowracer Cup which will be run in partnership with Stiga and promises fun for kids and adults alike.

Branäs: Superb skiing for the whole family

In conclusion, the only worry seemingly left is the snowfall. But even for that, there is no need. Branäs offers a fantastic Snow Guarantee, which on the one hand means a state-of-the-art snow machine system, but also customer refunds if the snow situation is not as expected.

So, bring the kids to Branäs for an unforgettable holiday in a winter paradise. The season starts on 15th December and closes on 7th April next year.

Branäs: Superb skiing for the whole family

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