Family-owned, sustainable and with deep roots in Swedish traditional craft – those are three ways to describe the company Brita Sweden, producing quality rugs, cushions and throws. With patterns created in timeless styles and durable materials, these products promise to keep you warm and in trend for a long time.


The company was founded in 2007 by sisters Pia Gabrielsson and Monica Harrie, together with their mother, Margaretha Eriksson. “Back then, the market didn’t have the same sustainability focus it has today – we were unique in our approach of using organic textiles and creating durable products with a long lifecycle,” Gabrielsson says.

Initially, the rugs were the most successful product, something that shifted to include throws and cushions along with the change in the market attitude, now demanding transparency in terms of where and how the products are made. Continuously aiming to use eco-friendly processes and materials as much as possible, Brita Sweden uses wool and 100 per cent recycled cotton for its throws and cushions, and eco-friendly dye for selected product lines. Production takes place mainly in Sweden, with a few exceptions within the European borders; keeping it close is another way to ensure quality, minimised shipping needs, and continuity of design.

“Inspiration comes from everywhere: everyday items, a pretty colour, natural patterns, special events – sometimes it’s simply created around a feeling! We aim to create classic patterns that will last a long time and work despite changing trends; many of our early designs are still bestsellers today,” the sisters say. They have customers all over the world, and demand is increasing. Scandinavian design with a sustainable ethos is on the rise – and luckily, this is what Brita Sweden knows best.


Instagram: @britasweden

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