As daylight rapidly disappears and winter approaches, Scandinavians turn their lights on: big statement lights in the ceiling, functional lights for cooking and recharging, decorative lights for giving a cosy feel and pretty lights in the windows, where the curtains are never drawn. It’s that time of year, when provider of all things light, By Rydéns, gets extra busy.

In the deep, dark forests of Småland, slap bang in the middle of southern Sweden, charismatic young entrepreneur Arne Rydén had a lightbulb moment in the late ‘50s. He was going to start a business.

With a flair for marketing, he quickly realised that Stockholm was the place to sell his wares. As demand grew for his trinkets, china cats and household articles, he set up a factory in his hometown, the idyllic Gnosjö. During the late ‘90s the company changed direction, focusing on providing fellow Swedes with any light source thinkable. The rest is history.

“We took a huge leap onto the European market in 2020. By Rydéns was already working with retailers in Norway and Germany, but last year we followed it up by opening showrooms in both countries. We also have agents in a lot of countries, like Finland and Belgium. Next up is a German web shop!” says market coordinator Annette Schill.

The lamps sold at By Rydéns are not merely a functional light source; they are meant to delight. As is the case with any fashion company, what’s on the shelves at By Rydéns won’t stay there for long. The company has a clear focus on following trends – and starting their own. “We are keen to provide our customers with something exciting. We design our lights to follow trend themes offered to our customers: ‘Scandinavian’ for a modern touch, ‘Nature’ for nature-based products, ‘Lobby Lounge’ for big and bold pieces, and ‘Rebel’ for lights with an element of surprise and humour,” says Schill.

Even after its expansion, By Rydéns is a Gnosjö company through and through. The entrepreneurial spirit of this village is renowned. The company may be taking big steps on the European market, but it still has its feet planted firmly on the ground in Gnosjö. “We want to give something back to our community, so we’re inviting customers living close to Gnosjö to come to our By Rydéns Light Factory and buy show products at a good price,” says Schill. Because home, as all Scandinavians know, is where the light is.

By Rydéns: The trendy light from the dark Swedish forests

Left: Seagrass is slick, versatile and functional for perfect dining. Right: Imperia – an installation and a light source all in one.

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