Most of us probably have a fantasy about what our dream home looks like: the materials it should be made of, if it should be open and bright or have cosy separate areas, and how the outside space should be. Step one is buying a plot of land but, to make the dream a reality, many more choices need to be made and considerations taken into account. Luckily, there are people who can help.

Norway is a sprawling country of mountains, valleys and fjords. The distance between Norway’s southernmost and northernmost point is 1,749 kilometres. That is just 30 kilometres more than the distance between Oslo and Bologna, Italy. This means there are plenty of beautiful plots of land to build a home on, but also vast distances between bigger cities and small towns and villages. But Byggfag Arkitekter is accessible to everyone, everywhere, and works on both small and large construction projects.

Flexible and accessible

Byggfag Arkitekter was established in 2000 and is a subsidiary of the construction goods chain Byggfag. Their head office is in Ålesund, but their dealers cover large parts of Norway. They have extensive experience and broad expertise to help guide you through your projects from start to finish.

Byggfag Arkitekter: Beautiful houses in exotic places, between mountains and fjords

Aina Pauline Torvik, CEO. Photo: Kristin Støylen

Together with the rest of the team, CEO Aina Pauline Torvik is deeply involved in all projects. “Our goal is to achieve the best out of all our projects, with a focus on location, form, function and quality of life,” she says. “Together with our dealers, we can help our clients from the first sketch to turnkey houses.”

For Byggfag Arkitekter, accessibility is crucial and they aim to be local and close to their clients. That’s why they have warehouses and dealers in smaller towns and villages, instead of focusing on the larger cities.

Byggfag Arkitekter: Beautiful houses in exotic places, between mountains and fjords

From a house to a dream home

Location, form, function and quality of life are the cornerstones of how the architects at Byggfag Arkitekter work. This is what turns a house into a dream home.

By analysing the location, the house can be positioned to give the best view, sun and wind conditions. Norway’s weather can be fierce and changeable, and that needs to be taken into consideration. A terrace that is sheltered from the wind will be used much more than one exposed to the elements.

Byggfag Arkitekter: Beautiful houses in exotic places, between mountains and fjords

When Byggfag Arkitekter starts working with a client, they assess the plot, the area, the environment and the client’s preferred style. A house’s main function is to keep its inhabitants warm and dry, but needs vary beyond that. A ‘forever home’ needs to adapt to different life phases. That affects the floor plan, space and storage requirements and maintenance. One size does not fit all. “We do analysis together with the customer. We focus on how to make the house function in all phases of life, so that it becomes a home you can grow old in,” Torvik explains. “

It is often said that home is where the heart is, and a good home is a great base from which to lead a fulfilling life. It is well known that our immediate surroundings affect our mood, so a house must take care of both physical and emotional needs. You invest in more than just a house, you invest in a high quality of life.

Byggfag Arkitekter: Beautiful houses in exotic places, between mountains and fjords

Building the dream

Realising the dream home or the dream cabin starts with a non-binding meeting, either in person or virtually, to discuss the client’s wants, needs and budget. This is followed by an inspection of the plot of land with the client.

“Based on our analysis after looking at location, form, function and quality of life, we create a sketch,” says Torvik. “That sketch provides a good basis for estimating the price. We also check the regulations in the area, and prepare the building application. Once it has been approved by the municipality, work can begin.”

Detailed drawings will be made, followed by a meeting with the client, architect and construction manager, and quality checks will be carried out throughout the construction. “We are humbled and proud to help create the most important space for people – a home,” Torvik concludes.

Byggfag Arkitekter: Beautiful houses in exotic places, between mountains and fjords

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