Christian A. Dahle Arkitekt AS (CADA AS), is a small, architectural collaborating one-man band in Norway, run by seasoned architect, manager, founder and business owner Christian A. Dahle. Along with his collaborators, Dahle works to create meaningful places, homes and spaces through open dialogue and collaborations.

For a long time, Norway’s architectural landscape has been dominated by large corporations and businesses. As a result, many new structures and buildings reflect the styles and ideas of those corporations, who often focus on lowering production costs and simplifying the process, rather than the human aspect of creating an enjoyable process.

CADA - Spaces that create connection


“I’m a small player in an architectural field that is led by bigger corporations, but that means that I get to work with the client on a personal level,” says architect Christian A. Dahle.

“Along with Ragnar Osnes from Creamos AS, I participate in all the projects myself, in a way bigger competitors are unable to because their responsibility structure is pulverised in a way it isn’t in smaller businesses.”

CADA - Spaces that create connection

SMV Sketch. Photo: CADA

Dahle has decades of industry experience, in smaller and bigger firms alike. He has established several businesses with family and colleagues, held leadership roles in Norwegian firms, and been a partner in Danish C.F. Møller Architects.

“I have some years of experience in the industry and have in those years worked with some incredibly knowledgeable and talented colleagues. After so many years, I decided it was time to start something for myself,” he says.

CADA - Spaces that create connection

Bunnefjorden Cabin Sketch. Photo: CADA

A new mid-life adventure

After many years in the industry, the pandemic finally gave Dahle some time to work on his own projects and drawings again.

“I was reminded of why I wanted to be an architect to begin with; I just wanted to create things. It also became the final push I needed to leave the big firm and start on my own again,” he says. “I’m actually very proud that I decided to start all over again, mid-way through life, as well!”

Since CADA’s establishment in 2022, Dahle and his collaborators have proudly drawn and completed a beautiful apartment and a semi-detached house in Oslo. On top of his existing portfolio from the last 25+ years, Dahle has been able to create several homes with direct and simple solutions and surprising results, where connection is the common denominator both mentally and physically.

CADA - Spaces that create connection

Odins Gate.

“My portfolio ranges from furniture and interior projects to area development and regulation, all the way from Kristiansand in the south to Vesterålen in the north of Norway. Right now, we’ve got a few housing projects in Vestfold, including both renovating and adding structures to an old military facility from the 17-1800s.”

Despite having worked in many different places around the country with various projects, Dahle admits to having a special love for building in the nation’s capital, Oslo.

“My favourite thing is having projects in Oslo because I love being able to bike from place to place, project to project. It certainly also helps that I’ve just opened my office near Bislett Stadium in Oslo,” he says.

CADA - Spaces that create connection

Odins gate kitchen.

Creating something to be proud of

Architecture in its most basic form is a very human form of art that requires not only skill and talent, but also open dialogue.

“Good architecture can only be created with an open mind, clarity, persistence and good co-operation, which is why I prioritise honesty, openness and willingness in all my work,” he says.

“By working for my own firm, I don’t only have more freedom and independence, but it also gives me the ability to work more closely with my clients.”

He explains that his goal as an architect is to make places, interiors, furniture and things where humans can connect and flourish with themselves, and, in turn, do the same with other people.

“It fills me with pride when I can give others well-being, enjoyment, and pleasure through what we create together. It’s important to me that we take our time to make something everyone – clients, architects, and the builders – are proud of.”

CADA - Spaces that create connection

Odins gate living room.

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