Release your inner animal with Carolinne B’s ‘roarsome’ jewellery. Whether it’s with a bee necklace, big-cat bangle, wild earrings or a polar-bear ring, these statement pieces will bring your style to life and invite conversation.

Details may be all around us, but when it comes to the natural world and the animal kingdom, it’s almost magical. That is according to Carolinne B’s eponymous founder, who thrives on recreating these beautiful details in her jewellery, from the delicate wings of a butterfly to flower buds springing into life. “Our love for nature continues to be a source of inspiration for all of our jewellery,” says Carolinne. “It has become our brand signature.”

Carolinne B: Statement jewellery for magical moments

Handcrafted with conscience

Nature comes first – but not just in terms of inspiration. Taking a stance against mass production, Carolinne B doesn’t release seasonal collections. Each piece is handmade in small batches from the brand’s Stockholm base. The jewellery is made from sterling silver (925) plated with 18-carat gold, and is also available in 18-carat solid gold if requested.

“We use traceable materials and only work with suppliers who share our views on sustainability, making sure our production is run with as little impact on the environment as possible,” says Carolinne.

Meaning and memories

Bold and recognisable yet long-lasting and versatile, Carolinne B’s jewellery shows that ‘timeless’ doesn’t necessarily mean safe. In this case, it’s quite the opposite. “Everybody needs a standout piece in their jewellery box to brighten up the basics. Take our polar bear piece for instance: most of us know the challenges polar bears face in a warming Arctic. We hope this little piece will draw some attention and act as a conversation-starter to talk about impacts and solutions, while hanging around your neck,” explains Carolinne.

Made with meaning, Carolinne B’s pieces are also perfect to celebrate and commemorate important events. Whether that’s a friend’s birthday or a gift to yourself, the magic lies in the memory created from that special occasion.

Carolinne B: Statement jewellery for magical moments

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