Stockholm-based fashion label CHPO Brand is based on inclusivity, sustainability and equality. The watches and sunglasses brand was founded in late 2013 and today equips snowboarders, cyclists and office clerks alike.

Kurt Cobain once said: “If you’re a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, we don’t want you to buy our records”. CHPO Brand market their own products in a similar vein. But before we get into the good stuff, let’s take a look at how it started. “The brand’s roots are in skateboarding, arts and music,” CEO and co-owner Viktor Telegin tells us. “I realised at a young age that I’d never become a pro skateboarder, so I created my own brand and sponsored myself. At least I could live like a pro skateboarder!”

He also realised the importance of wearing the ‘right brand’ in skateboarding subcultures; who you wear says a lot about who you are. Furthermore, he realised the impact and voice each brand had, and that major brands weren’t using their voice in the best way possible. “At the same time, I saw conservative forces getting stronger and hate growing in society,” Telegin continues. “I’m not good at politics, but I know about branding, and I wanted to create a brand that stands up against racism, homophobia and misogyny.”

CHPO Brand: If you love equality and diversity, here’s a brand that loves you

Left: Adriana in a set of semi transparent burgundy Frances. Right: Ryan Lay, in a pair of cycling glasses made of recycled plastic.

Together with Johan Graffner, he founded CHPO Brand, with sustainability a key trait of the business. “We want our environmental footprint to be as small as possible,” Telegin explains. “That’s why we work almost exclusively with recycled materials. On top of that, we want to build a cool brand with great looking products. It’s a pretty simple Scandinavian design.”

As well as watches and sunglasses, CHPO Brand makes blue-light glasses, winter sports goggles, and unisex cycling glasses, which have been well-received by cyclists internationally. “And not just because of the price range, but because they really do the job,” he says. “As far as I know, we are the only brand to produce winter-sports goggles made almost exclusively from recycled material. We take a lot of pride in that.” Being affordable also helps to push for equality. “We want to be accessible for as many as possible,” Telegin concludes.

Fans are advised to watch out for upcoming collaborations and exciting news surrounding CHPO Brand; there are some interesting product lines coming up. Inspired by Kurt Cobain, CHPO Brand has its own spin on his famous quote: “If you hate homosexuals, people of a different colour or women, please do us a favour, don’t buy our gear.”

CHPO Brand: If you love equality and diversity, here’s a brand that loves you

Pro snowboarder Zebbe Landmark rocking a pair of Liam blue light glasses. Photo: Dennis Olzon

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