In need of a splash of colour or a vibrant print to cheer you up? Cissi & Selma has a selection of colourful clothes that will bring life to your wardrobe.

Set up in 2007 with a vision to bring more colour into women’s wardrobes, Cissi & Selma started off as a boutique with selected designs from other brands, and the first collection under its own name was eventually launched in 2013.

“I have always loved colourful fashion and retro dresses from the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s, and I thought that others might like the same,” says Cissi Centerwall, founder. “Instead of following trends, I want to inspire women to wear more colour, to bring some happiness into their wardrobe and life, and for them to be seen.” This is still the inspiration for the design, as well as when selecting other brands for the boutique.

Cissi och Selma: Colourful clothing to spread happiness

Cissi Centerwall, founder.

Cissi & Selma garments are both comfortable and stylish. They come in sizes XS-XXL and different cuts and lengths, so that everyone can find well-fitting clothes regardless of size and shape. At the outset, the focus was on dresses, which still make up the main part of the collection, but now you can also find skirts, tops, trousers and coats, as well as a children’s line, Cissi & Selma MINI.

The base collection consists of a number of designs but with different fabrics, and every season new colours and patterns are added. As the main variety is in the fabric, customers can buy their favourite model again but in new vibrant colours and patterns. The theme for the spring collection is Swedish summer, and a majority of the clothes have been made with organic cotton.

The brand has grown organically, little by little, and sustainability is at the core, explains Centerwall. “Our environment and commitment to sustainability are important to me. Both the design and the quality need to be good so that the clothes can live long and happy lives, season after season, with the same owner or perhaps multiple owners over the years.”

Cissi och Selma: Colourful clothing to spread happiness

The boutique is located on Bondegatan 12, Södermalm, in Stockholm. It carries the Cissi och Selma collection as well as selected clothing, shoes and accessories from other brands and designers. All designs are also available in the online shop.

Opening hours
Weekdays: 11.30am to 6pm
Saturdays: 11am to 5pm
Sundays: Closed

Facebook: cissiochselma
Instagram: @cissiochselma

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