Swedish design crafted with Italian love


With Italy as a second home and a huge passion for shoes, designer Malin Schauermann decided to take the step, most likely in stylish boots, and create Crude Boot Company. “The name says it all,” Schauermann explains. “Crude, or ‘crudo’ in Italian, refers to raw quality material, and this is what my shoes are all about: shoes designed in Sweden and skilfully crafted in Italy.”

“During my trips to Italy, I used to buy shoes from this amazing designer in Ravenna, a well-established 70-year-old lady. I got in contact with the factory she worked with, and it was love at first sight,” Schauermann recalls. It turned out that the factory also created shoes for high-end brands such as Gucci and Missoni and shared Schauermann’s values around high-quality materials and handicraft. “The factory works with people who love the material and the handicraft, and it has done so for several generations,” Schauermann continues. “Quality has dropped along with prices over the last 20 years here in Sweden, and shoes are being mass-produced. We work with recycled rubber and leather when possible; sustainable fashion is extremely important to me. A pair of boots from Crude Boot Company will last you forever – they are an investment. Someone has put love into the shoes, stitched and glued them together by hand.”

Boots made for walking

The Crude Boot Company has two product lines: the Classic Line and the Fashion Line. The Classic Line holds best-selling models such as Biker Girl – a feminine take on biker boots, perfect with either a dress or a pair of jeans – a Chelsea Boot with a slightly higher cut, and the unlined Rock ‘n Roll Bootie. Stilettos, sandals and pumps are also included in the line, for example Stivletoo, a stable and chic bootie.

“Once you’ve found one size that fits you, there is no need to try the other models. They are all constructed around the foot in the same way,” Schauermann explains. “I am often asked how I can walk in ten-centimetre heels, and the answer is simple: quality shoes built for the feet.”

For the Fashion Line, Schauermann designs trendy models, which she updates after one or two seasons. “I travel regularly to Italy with a completely open mind, ready to be inspired. Going forward, I will continue building the brand, without compromising on exclusivity and quality, nor on sustainability.”

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