From the little wooden house situated right on the sea’s edge to an architect-designed cottage with panoramic sea views from all rooms and a houseboat that offers a true maritime experience, DanCenter’s wide selection of holiday homes offers something for everyone – all year round.

DanCenter has been an intermediary between owners and renters of holiday homes across Denmark for more than 60 years, and while a home away from home is a more popular holiday choice than ever before, a lot has changed during that time. “A holiday home used to be a small wooden house with bunk beds. It would be equipped with the bare essentials only, as people would spend all day by the beach anyway,” says Maiken Osbæck Olsen, guest marketeer at DanCenter. And while traditional, wooden holiday homes are still part of the enormous selection of DanCenter’s privately owned houses spread all over Denmark, people have very different expectations these days.

“A holiday home is not only reserved for the busy summer periods anymore. We’re seeing a growing interest in holiday homes outside of peak periods – for romantic get-aways, family holidays, or time with friends. In autumn and winter, people enjoy pulling the plug and getting some peace and quiet in front of the fireplace after a brisk walk outdoors or hours of splashing in the pool. We also see many people choosing to celebrate Christmas or New Year’s Eve in a rented holiday home, enjoying the festivities in an environment that is homely, yet different to home. And then there are the big family gatherings, where several generations get together under one roof – often one that offers various activities such as a pool area, table tennis and much more. All of this also means that requirements are very different nowadays,” says Olsen.


Left: Architect-designed holiday cottage next to a family-friendly beach with panoramic views of the sea from all rooms of the house. Right: A Norwegian holiday house located on a hilltop with panoramic views of the fjord.

Unplugging and recharging

But changing requirements that call for Wi-Fi, modern facilities, and high-quality beds is just one aspect. Another thing that’s changing is behaviour. “People are generally becoming more environmentally conscious and focus more on how they can reduce their carbon footprint. Whereas many of us used to head south when it was time to pull the plug and recharge the batteries, it seems that we are now starting to realise how much Denmark has to offer – scenic landscapes and raw nature, wide beaches and heather covered heath, cliffs and crystal-clear waters. And with over 7,000 kilometres of coastline here in Denmark, there is really no reason to go to southern Europe,” Olsen smiles.

Most of the holiday homes in DanCenter’s catalogue are concentrated around popular summer cottage areas in Denmark, typically close to the seaside. “But no matter your location, you’re never more than 50 kilometres away from the coast anyway. And a few hours in a car go a long way – you can drive from Copenhagen to Skagen in less than six hours,” Olsen explains. Not only does Denmark offer diverse and unparalleled outdoor experiences – anything from wide, sandy beaches along the west coast of Jutland to the rocky sights and crystal-clear waters of Bornholm. But most theme parks, tourist attractions and sights are open outside of the high season, too, so renting a home away from home is a unique opportunity to discover some of Denmark’s cultural and historical gems as well as getting a taste of some local delicacies.


Left: The ideal setting in Norway for winter experiences with northern lights and midnight sun in the summer. Right: A holiday home is ideal for gatherings with families or friends.

DanCenter is not just a go-to for home-away-from-home experiences in Denmark. It also acts as intermediaries of houses in Sweden and Norway, offering unique settings for seeing the northern lights or exploring the fjords and surrounding areas, picturesque villages and coastal towns. Or, how about a cosy, Swedish wooden house that makes you feel like you are part of an Astrid Lindgren children’s story? “We also have fishing houses equipped with a filleting bench, freezer and a boat, making for the perfect fishing holiday on the Norwegian sea and fjords. People generally want to recharge and connect more with nature, and this is one of many ways to do so,” Olsen concludes. 


A holiday home is ideal for gatherings with families or friends.

About DanCenter

DanCenter is an intermediary of holiday homes and present in 11 countries with four main markets: Denmark, Sweden, Norway and northern Germany.

DanCenter has over 6,000 holiday homes in Denmark, 800 in Sweden, 600 in Norway and 200 in Germany.

All holiday homes are owned by private owners who let DanCenter take care of the rental process to optimise the revenue and minimise the hassle.

DanCenter has 28 local offices in Denmark that handle all administrative procedures and key handovers, and also function as the point of contact for advice, queries and recommendations on what to do and see in the area. 

Pets are welcome at no extra charge in over 3,000 of the Danish holiday homes.

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