The new photo collection Studio Elements by Desenio can be described as nothing short of spectacular. Shot in Iceland, the stunning photographs showcase the powerful forces of nature. The best part is that you can bring some of that dreamlike scenery into your own home.

Desenio is the go-to hub for trendy prints and bold art, all born out of a passion for design and self-expression. The brand is somewhat of a success story in the industry, and today, a creative studio brimming with expertise is at the heart of the company and all its work.

“We want to be at the forefront when it comes to interior design trends,” admits Annica Wallin, chief design officer. “We have our own Design Studio and create motifs in-house, alongside some hand-picked collaborations with selected artists.”

Desenio: Shaped by the forces of nature

Showing the raw beauty of nature

“Our vision was to create a photo collection capturing the magical elements of nature,” says Wallin about the new photo collection, Studio Elements, which was shot by Desenio’s Design Studio team in Iceland. It features photographs of remarkable scenery from famous locations as well as Icelandic horses roaming freely in their natural habitat.

“The harmonious colour palette brings a sense of peace and calm to our homes,” Wallin adds. Iceland was a suitable destination for representing this direction, and Studio Elements fits well into the concept, as the spectacular photo art adds a true sense of escapism.

Iceland’s nature is constantly changing, and the production team experienced some truly breathtaking settings. “The team managed to capture unique motifs in varied landscapes, everything from mighty, green landscapes and scenic waterfalls to dramatic lava fields ending right by the beach. The prints illustrate the raw beauty of nature and some of the most magical places in the world.”

Desenio: Shaped by the forces of nature

Harmony and escapism at home

Home is a place where we can relax and escape from some of the daily stresses. There is currently a growing trend in interior design that encourages closeness to nature and a caring and nurturing attitude towards ourselves and the environment we live in, illustrated by the addition of simple, natural and sustainable materials as well as natural colours.

“Many of us have a strong need and longing for relaxation right now, and that is reflected in one of the biggest home trends this year,” concludes Wallin. “Decorating simply with natural materials and natural colour schemes creates a gentle backdrop for our everyday life. Studio Elements fits right into this trend.” Take the opportunity to bring a sense of inner harmony and peace of mind into your home.

About Desenio:

Desenio is a fast-growing design company, leading the field of affordable wall art in the Scandinavian region. Over the past few years, Desenio has experienced impressive growth, now distributing posters, frames and accessories to over 30 countries worldwide. Desenio aims to create an inspiring and fashion-forward space for those interested in trends and interior design. Providing unique art prints at affordable prices, Desenio houses its own Design Studio that continually creates art prints that are unique and on-trend.

Desenio: Shaped by the forces of nature


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