Design by Carta features a varied and exciting line of handmade ceramic, glass and jewellery products at affordable prices. The Oslo-based designer Maryam Amini has become known for her unique pieces inspired by the beautiful and diverse Nordic nature.

Across her work in ceramics, glass and jewellery design, Maryam’s distinctive style runs throughout. Among her modern and expressive designs, you’ll find a range of homeware items such as plates, bowls and mugs, as well as exquisite jewellery pieces like earrings, necklaces and rings.

“I’ve always loved design and interiors, and I’ve worked with these things for as long as I can remember,” says Maryam. “But Design by Carta, my own brand built on my love of ceramics, jewellery and glass, began to take shape about eight and a half years ago.”

Spending most of her working hours at her workshop at Tåsen on the west side of Oslo, Maryam appreciates the thriving art and design scene in Norway’s capital. “Oslo is a very exciting place for handicraft and design. There’s such a huge mix of products and a lot of places to go and things to see,” she says. “I think it’s wonderful how creatives can inspire and be inspired by each other. People think it’s fun to share, to show, to learn and ask – I love to share my own techniques with others and learn new things.”

Maryam is unafraid to experiment and try new things with her work. After many years working with ceramics, metal and glass, she is well versed in creating the expression she’s looking for – and she’s always curious to learn more. “When you’ve mastered the technique, there’s more space for exploration and discovery,” Maryam says.

Design by Carta: Unique, handmade pieces inspired by Nordic nature

Left: Maryam’s beautiful leaf-inspired enamel earrings are the perfect addition to any outfit. Right: Glass necklace.

Finding inspiration in the wonder of the natural world

For Maryam, the various colours, forms and textures in the magnificent Nordic nature and landscapes are a huge source of inspiration for her work. She has always loved spending time outside exploring landscapes and the natural world around us.

“The Nordic nature is distinctive, and there’s so much to see in different areas in Norway. It’s rough, it’s mysterious, it’s beautiful and extremely changeable by the seasons. I find the organic aspect of this so fascinating and inspiring,” says Maryam. “Even a small leaf is beautiful and inspiring to me: its shape, the way it transforms from season to season and so much more.”

Maryam hand-shapes most of her ceramics, which is a long and slow process requiring plenty of patience. Though Maryam’s work is deeply technical, she also needs to be creative and flexibile. “I work very intuitively, so even if I have an idea, the end result may not be what I had intended at the start. Working with challenging materials like ceramics and glass, things don’t always go to plan,” she says.

Design by Carta: Unique, handmade pieces inspired by Nordic nature

Enamel earrings inspired by the colours, shapes and textures in Nordic nature and landscapes.

Unique, limited edition, handmade pieces

All of Maryam’s design pieces are unique, and since her creation process is intuitive, most of her products are one-of-a-kind. “I love to design and try to avoid making several of the same pieces,” she says. “I think it’s cool that there’s only one of these designs in existence, and when working with materials such as glass the way I do, it can be impossible to make two identical pieces.”

Maryam’s creativity and passion for her work shines through in her beautiful and varied creations. “I love Norwegian arts and crafts and our long history of crafting traditions such as knitting and embroidery,” Maryam says. “I really enjoy combining things you might not expect to see together – like ceramics and traditional knitting patterns.” This willingness to think outside the box leads to exciting products and unexpected design combinations, such as Maryam’s popular ceramic breakfast plates featuring knitting patterns that will be familiar to every Norwegian.

Maryam has long been focused on mindful consumption and making environmentally-friendly choices in our day-to-day lives. Design by Carta is a certified Norwegian Made producer, which recognises sustainable, high-quality products made in Norway. “Ethical production and making sustainable products that will stand the test of time is very important to me”, says Maryam. “I was so happy to be accepted as a member of Norwegian Made – it represents not just my brand but who I am as a person.”

Design by Carta: Unique, handmade pieces inspired by Nordic nature

Maryam’s ceramic pieces, such as these milk/cream mugs, are one-of-a-kind due to her intuitive creation process.

Instagram: @design_by_carta

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