Welcome to Kosta, the capital of Sweden’s traditional glass craft and home to experiences beyond the ordinary. Small, yes, but mighty nevertheless, Kosta has something for everyone: from a make-your-own glass offering and shopping, to safari parks and four-star hotel.

Indeed, Kosta packs a lot to love into a small area – handy for those looking to maximise their time away from home without having to move around much. Here, adventure is on your doorstep, including Kosta’s famous glassworks.

Destination Kosta: glass and adventure

Photo: Kosta

Made by glass

Glass and Kosta have always had a special relationship. In fact, Kosta’s history only began when two of King Karl XII’s generals founded Kosta glassworks in 1742, making it one of Sweden’s oldest businesses – older than the United States.

“When I was little, there were over 50 glassworks in this region, but today there are only six across the whole country, which speaks for Kosta’s significance within the glassmaking industry,” says destination manager Emil A. Jansson. “Glass is part of the treasure that is Swedish culture, and Kosta as an entity is stronger than ever.”

Orrefors and Kosta Boda

Visitors of Kosta can experience the magical art of glassmaking up close. Just head to the hot shop at Kosta Glassworks, where the much-loved Orrefors and Kosta Boda glassware is made. Guided tours are available, too.

Ranging from tableware to interior design pieces, each product created here is handmade from a hot, syrupy mass into sparkling crystal, backed by centuries of exceptional craftsmanship.

Blow your own glass

Those who want to take things one step further can even try the craft of glassmaking themselves at Kosta Glass centre.

“The experience itself is special as you get to see precisely how much effort goes into creating a single glass product. However, the best part is that you’ll be able to take your creation home after a few hours,” explains Jansson. “Plus, the quality makes it a perfect keepsake for generations to come.”

Visit Kosta Outlet

Aside from glass products, there’s more to discover at Kosta Outlet. With 20,000 square metres of quality goods, this is Sweden’s biggest outlet of its kind and is a great spot to shop for hundreds of well-known brands, as well as furnishings and design, glass and porcelain, books and flowers. There are also lots of cosy cafes within the outlet where you can sit down to enjoy a classic Swedish ‘fika’ (coffee or tea with something sweet).

Destination Kosta: glass and adventure

Photo: Alexander-Hall

Explore Kosta Safari Park

For even more adventure, there’s Kosta Safari Park which is ideal for curious kids and adults. Here in the deep forests surrounding Kosta, Europe’s own bison, dove deer, red deer and wild boar roam free in their natural environment, and visitors are encouraged to have a peek at the animals and their lives from the safety of their cars.

What’s more, the park has a successful circular eco partnership with some Kosta restaurants, whereby the park, as a form of animal population management, supplies sustainable wild meat to the restaurants. In turn, the restaurants provide the park with biodegradable waste as food for the animals.

Marvel at Kosta Boda Art Hotel

Another must is the four-star hotel and spa Kosta Boda Art Hotel where guests are invited to live well, eat well and feel well. Kosta Boda’s own designers have put their personal touches on all the spaces and hotel rooms: expect stunning glass art, sculptures and furniture. There’s even a glass bar.

“For a more close-to-nature experience, we also have Kosta Lodge where you can choose between a hotel room, a cottage or just a parking space to house your own mobile home. This option is great for those keen to visit Kosta Safari Park,” says Jansson.

Destination Kosta: glass and adventure

Photo: Patrik-Lindström

Get set for crayfish season

In Sweden, the end of summer and early autumn is also known as the crayfish season. This is a big event which is widely celebrated by getting together to feast on crayfish and other delicious foods. As always, well-known chef Per Moberg will be on-site in Kosta to cook up a crayfish storm and make the most of this seasonal wonder. It’s one not to miss.

So, whether you want to learn more about glassworks or native animals, need some time away from home to eat well and sleep even better, or just fancy an all-inclusive shopping trip, Kosta is a great place to be. It is waiting with open arms.

Destination Kosta: glass and adventure

Photo: Alexander-Hall

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