Indulge in the beauty of Bornholm’s diamond


Whether you are a dedicated spa enthusiast, a fan of Bornholm or just looking for a beautiful and relaxing holiday experience, you will love the Diamond Spa of Bornholm. Situated by the coastline of Rønne, the spa overlooks the Baltic Sea, where the special location and unique geology of the diamond’s home island are reflected in every bit of the carefully considered design.

Inspired by the landscape, legends and culture of Bornholm, the Diamond Spa of Bornholm offers a concentrated luxurious experience of the island’s famous craftsmanship and natural beauty. The spectacular features of the spa attract several dedicated spa goers, who travel to Bornholm specifically for this experience, but equally many guests drop by in connection with a conference, a private party or an island holiday. Visitors are introduced to the many offers and artful details through a free guided tour and, no matter what the main purpose for their visit, most are utterly enthused by the experience according to director Birte Jensen. “The feedback we receive from our guests is that the spa is one of the most beautiful and at the same time well-organised spas they have ever visited. Many are amazed to find something like this on a small island like Bornholm.”

Guests can enjoy a visit to the spa on its own or as part of a weekend or holiday package at the four-star Griffen Spa Hotel, where the spa is located, or the nearby Radisson Blu Fredensborg Hotel.

Luxury the Bornholm way

The many different spa experiences of the Diamond Spa of Bornholm are all named after, and inspired by, some of Bornholm’s best-known sites and rock structures. At the same time, different variations of Bornholm’s granite and art forms are utilised in the design. The result is a spa that naturally embodies the legends, mystery and natural forces of the island. “What we wanted to create was a spa that oozes luxury and Bornholm. And truly what impresses most when they first visit is the beauty and atmosphere of the entire place,” Birte Jensen explains.

With a range of wellness experiences including saunas, cold, hot and warm water pools, a Turkish hammam, a massage pool, an infrared light therapy room and much more, spread over 1,000 square metres, the Diamond Spa of Bornholm is indisputably the island’s largest and most exclusive spa. The spa also includes an unsurprisingly popular outdoor Jacuzzi and saltwater pool from where guests can enjoy a captivating view of the Baltic Sea.

Diamonds and rocks

Founded in 2010, the Diamond Spa of Bornholm is named after the island’s characteristic quartz crystals, known as the ‘diamonds of Bornholm’. The diamonds, which have been widely used for making precious jewellery, are today protected but guests can enjoy a display of their famous splendour at the spa entrance. Many other geological and natural particularities specific to the island have been used to inspire the different experiences of the spa. For instance, guests will find a plunge pool and cooling ice system inspired by Denmark’s largest waterfall in the Døndalen valley on Bornholm.

In addition to the many experiences included in the admission, the spa offers a range of individually booked massages and treatments for which therapists use Bornholm’s local skincare products, some based on the island’s characteristic red clay. Everything has been designed to give guests a peaceful and relaxing experience with hours of luxurious pampering surrounded by the beauty of the diamonds and natural wonders of Bornholm.

General information:

Address: The Diamond Spa of Bornholm is located at Hotel Griffen in Rønne. Nordre Kystvej 34, 3700 Rønne, Denmark. The spa is open all year.

Admission to the Diamond Spa of Bornholm: DKK 225 (children are not allowed in the spa). Guests at Hotel Griffen and Radisson Blu Fredensborg Hotel have free access to the spa.

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