Surrounded by the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park in northern Finland, Muonio is one of the country’s top places to enjoy nature and outdoor activities – and to breathe the purest air in the world.

Muonio’s nature is very diverse, with over 20 fells and hundreds of lakes. The combination of the various natural elements makes for breathtakingly beautiful views and landscapes. It’s an ideal place for nature lovers; there are plenty of options for hiking, cycling, canoeing, rafting or fishing in the summer, when visitors also get to experience the magic of the midnight sun.

The winter ski season in Muonio generally begins in mid-October, and lasts until May. Due to its location directly under the auroral oval that orbits the Earth’s magnetic poles, visitors are almost guaranteed to spot the Northern Lights during the aurora borealis season, which usually runs from September to April.

Muonio is also known for having the purest air in the world. An air quality monitoring station is located in Sammaltunturi in Muonio. “It regularly measures the air particles and compares them to the results from other monitoring stations around the world,” Laura Hokajärvi, Discover Muonio’s tourism manager, explains.

“There is no mass tourism in Muonio. Instead, we are proud of our sustainable tourism, which is based on appreciating the local nature and culture,” Hokajärvi concludes.

Muonio: Experience Lappish nature and the world’s purest air

Lake Utkujärvi beach with autumn colours. Photo: Chris Alfthan

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