From her home in Bergen on Norway’s west coast, Eline Bang Abelsen designs, develops and produces handmade jewellery. Her popular pieces, all made with love, have sparked an incredible growth in the Eline Bang jewellery brand over the last few years.

Originally from the idyllic coastal town of Grimstad in the south of Norway, Eline spent several years living abroad before returning to familiar shores. Five years in the US were divided between Washington DC and Virginia Beach, during which time her creative journey as a designer, photographer and jewellery maker began. She also spent a few years in Maastricht in the Netherlands before she settled in Bergen in the heart of Fjord Norway with her husband and children.

For Eline, jewellery making began as a fun, creative hobby, and over time has grown into a very successful brand. At the heart of it is true passion, and she puts a lot of love into the creation of each piece. “I absolutely love creating jewellery. I know that my designs bring a lot of joy to others, which is so rewarding to me,” Eline says.

Eline Bang: handmade jewellery made with love

Jewellery maker Eline Bang Abelsen at her home, enjoying the inspiring view over Bergen and the fjord.

Top-quality materials

A natural creative, Eline has experimented with many different types of jewellery and materials during her design career. All her jewellery is handmade, and she takes the utmost care with the development of each of her designs. Above all, she values working with the best quality materials.

Eline’s jewellery is made with freshwater pearls and gold-plated brass with an organic lacquer coating that protects the jewellery and makes it last longer, and she’s always on the lookout for exciting new materials to work with. “Using high-quality materials in my jewellery is important to me because I want these pieces to last,” she explains. “From the very beginning, I knew my designs should be durable so that customers can wear them for years to come. If it isn’t of the best quality, I won’t sell it to my customers.”

Eline is inspired by colours and loves to experiment with different colour combinations. “I like to combine colours in a way that will be beautiful and enticing to customers, to create something they’ll enjoy wearing. I think it’s wonderful to have a pop of colour in your jewellery – it can really brighten up and elevate a neutral outfit,” she says.

Eline Bang: handmade jewellery made with love

English version of PUST-bracelet.

A mindful reminder

The Eline Bang jewellery brand had its start in 2017, and enjoyed a lot of success with Eline’s original design, the PUST-bracelets, which were launched at the end of 2019. ‘Pust’ means ‘breathe’ in Norwegian, and Eline has since developed the bracelets in English as well. The story behind these hugely popular bracelets is a personal one – she created the first pieces as a reminder to herself to slow down and breathe during busy and stressful times.

The designs clearly resonated with customers. “The PUST-bracelets took off completely and began selling in their thousands,” she says. “I think people appreciate a small daily reminder of how important it is to take a moment and breathe, think and reflect in the middle of our busy lives.”

Each piece Eline creates is delivered with a small card that reads “Stay close to people who make you feel like sunshine” and is designed to bring a spark of joy to the recipient. “A lot of people like to give my pieces as meaningful presents to others,” she says.

Eline Bang: handmade jewellery made with love

Eline loves to experiment with colour combinations and create pieces that pop.

Coveted designs

Eline devotes as much of her time as possible to creating new designs and producing jewellery to meet the demands of her many customers, and also collaborates with businesses and organisations looking for tailor-made jewellery. Eline was very pleased to achieve a long-term goal of hers when the renowned multi-brand store Scabal in Bergen chose to include her jewellery in their exclusive selection. Her designs can also be found at the carefully curated shop inside the historic Hotel Norge in the heart of Bergen.

Eline’s jewellery ships worldwide, but most of her customers are based in Scandinavia. “I’d love to grow the brand and find more customers internationally,” she says. “I’m so creative that it bubbles over – I’m constantly coming up with new ideas and always want to make new things.”

From its humble beginnings as a creative hobby, Eline Berg jewellery has grown immensely over the past five years, and demand has, too. “It’s wild that this started out as a hobby for me, and now I get to do it every day – it’s really a dream come true,” Eline says. “I feel so lucky to be able to do something I enjoy so much for a living, and I’m so thankful to everyone who buys my pieces and feels inspired by what I do.”

Eline Bang: handmade jewellery made with love

Each item from Eline’s collection is sent out with a sweet card.


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