Elisefarm is a spa and hotel whose rustic environment has become a haven for people seeking idyllic relaxation. The hotel offers the best of every world – an outdoor jacuzzi, comfortable rooms, a world-class restaurant and a golf course ranked as one of Sweden’s best.

Not far from the big city in the southern province of Skåne, lies a country estate, transformed from an old farm to a charming spa resort. The resort offers world-class luxury in an intimate environment. “The first thing you encounter at Elisefarm is our tree-clad driveway, leading up to the hotel area. There’s a serenity and calm that welcomes you the moment you enter our premises,” says Ingrid Linné, founder of Elisefarm spa and hotel, together with her husband.

Elisefarm: Relax in luxurious, rustic comfort

“We’ve taken great care in restoring the existing buildings to keep the old farm feeling intact, while introducing new and modern design and amenities. Despite its proximity to the city, and with Lund and Malmö nearby, it offers such peace – an entryway to an entirely different world,” she says.

In addition to the spa, where the outdoor jacuzzi, indoor swimming pool, sauna and treatment facilities are designed with meticulous attention to detail, the resort comprises hotel rooms, a restaurant based on seasonal, locally-sourced produce, and a golf course ranked among one of the 20 best courses in Sweden.

Elisefarm: Relax in luxurious, rustic comfort

Enjoy the spa and pool at Elisefarm.

By ensuring that old details and building structures are preserved and incorporated into their existing facilities, the founders keep a hold on Elisefarm’s history, while looking ahead with an ambitious vision. Thanks to the ample amount of space, they plan to build an entirely new neighbourhood just off the golf course, complete with a gym, school and shops, but within easy reach of the peaceful nature and spacious fields. 700 new homes are in the works.

Elisefarm: Relax in luxurious, rustic comfort

Top class golf course.

“Elisefarm is the perfect getaway from a busy lifestyle, where top-class facilities meet the serenity of the Skåne countryside. Our team is incredibly welcoming and we know how to create the best experience for our visitors. We’re moving forward while keeping our roots, with an unwavering focus ahead: to offer relaxation and enjoyment for all senses whether you come for the food, golf, spa or simply a night away,” concludes Linné.

Elisefarm: Relax in luxurious, rustic comfort

Dine in their renowned restaurant.

Web: www.elisefarm.se
Instagram: @elisefarm

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